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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! I am on my mobile version of the door-to-door, going town-to-town holding readings/gatherings/discussions of my book "But What Can I Do?" This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels since 9/11 as I engage in dialogue and actions. It is steaming with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society we want ALL to thrive in

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Glad to be another american womon for peace!

Indiana the yeas to nays are 8 to 1 – and not one fuck you! But the amerikkkan flags are still sooooo outta control. They’re everywhere from license plates to back windows of pick-up trucks to mail boxes and billboards and random poles with flags as big as two story farm houses snapping in the Indiana sun.
I pull into a toll booth where each booth has a huge “United We Stand”’ sign emblazoned on them, which really pisses me off. I visualize slapping “For PEACE” addition on each of them! That’ll be my next project when I land somewhere!
            Instead, I lean out my window and hand the womon a ten saying “United we stand for peace!”
“YES honey” she says dolefully but fiercely, the moment she realized what I was referring to, “You sure got that right!” as she reaches over and hands me my change, ignoring the white man behind her in the booth who is scowling, holding a clipboard and taking notes.
In Ohio, the next state over, I approach yet another string of toll booth that this time have flags with “God Bless America” written under them. Really??? On an interstate highway funded by taxpayers of a country that supposedly separates religion and state….grrrrr
Yet again, I get visions of CodePINKers and our allies all across the country having graffiti parties as we block out the “b” in all these signs.
The womon in the toll booth down from the one I’m approaching is reading the “Impeach bush and asscroft” side of my truck outloud and enthusiastically to all her co-workers. My tollbooth collector is first watching her quizzically until she realizes it is my truck she is reading from. The third tollbooth collector on my passenger’s side, the “Proud to be another American womon for peace” side, joins in the ruckus chorus of approval!!!

A little Chicago police appreciate - for me!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Chicago, despite the cold, reconnecting with my old college friend who actually came out before I did, to my joy and chagrin! But now I’m leaving Chicago early the a.m., unable to convince my sistar to come with me to the March For Womxxn’s Lives in D.C., so I’ll continue alone.
Before I go, I take a brisk walk on Lake Michigan – the beautiful path running next to it, that is. From afar, I see several people stop, read my truck, smile, and walk on. A couple run to retrieve their cameras and return to take pictures.
As I return to my truck to load my things and get ready to pull out, several more neighbors come up to me. We talk about CodePINK, about getting rid of bush, about getting involved in changing our country. I head downtown to make my last Chicago delivery and pass a couple of Chicago city police – they both laugh and make a little wave, appreciating my ‘impeach bush and asscroft’ side of my truck!
Finally, I’m ready to continue toward the east coast, fighting my way down and across the horrible 90/80 traffic jam – but at least my messages get lots of exposure. To think, I used to drive in the wee hours of the night, having the whole highway and warm blanket of black sky and brilliant stars all to myself. Now I treasure rush hours!
Making it through Illinois, being very small, I notice at least 8 yeahs during the last 15 minutes and not one negative!