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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Call me calling the emperor naked

Call me obtuse, call me dim-witted, call me whatever, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why the gross majority of Democrats wanted to pass a bill giving Bush another $125 billion to escalate the war against Iraq?

Can anyone please tell me why? Why would the Democrats even consider passing this bill instead of using everything in their power to defeat it? Which, given how closely it came to being defeated when they worked so hard to pass it, should have been a cinch to defeat!

And IF there is any truth to the thinking that the bill was going to pass anyway, despite all the majorities* & in the House, why didn’t they attach something really powerful to guarantee failure? Like sure George, here is your $125 billion, but it must be used to bring our soldiers and contractors home by April 15th – that’s 2007. (Surely $125 billion is enough to evacuate 150,000 soldiers and 100,000 contractors and however many thousand 'support' staff)

Why would a political party responsible for making the monetary spending decisions for our tax dollars, decide to go against the wishes of the many majorities they have at their back and decide to spend our money not just on continuing but on escalating this war?

Will you explain to me why it was even a consideration let alone some kind of convoluted, intricate wussie strategy to convince the majorities that by giving Bush this money they have done something to begin to examine to discuss to study to confer to set in motion the thought that we might begin to (etc) end war against Iraq one day a year and a half from now?

Let’s see, that’s about 553 days or 47,779,200 seconds – oh, a mere $143,337,600,000 – give or take (no calculator). In terms of costs of human life, should the average prevail, that's about another 1659 U.S. soldiers and 331,800 civilians killed, millions of wounded and dehumanized souls. And who knows how many more tons of depleted uranium, destroyed infrastructures, disease and destruction will prevail.

Even the oldest propaganda dispensed more vigorously than viagra over the past four years no longer hoodwinks the majority of Americans – that to support the troops we must support war.

1/3 of all House Democrats belong to the Progressive Caucus making it the single LARGEST (and growing) caucus in the House. Surely these sheer numbers should be primary in pulling Congress back from where it sits at the extreme radical right.

Call me calling the emperor naked, but the only answer I can fathom to this whole obscene vote is the truth: these majority Democrats are invested in continuing the war against Iraq.

So our news is that we, the Progressive Peace Activists of this country, are 7 fold more determined to end war NOW!

*Perhaps I shouldn’t go into AGAIN all the known majorities that the Democrats had on their side from the House to the country, but I will: the Democrats are in the majority in the House; the majority of Americans want the war to be over yesterday; the majority of U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq thought we should have left Iraq by Dec 2006; the majority of Iraqis want the U.S. to be out of their country; the majority of Iraqis feel it is okay to kill a U.S. soldier.