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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Got fury? We sure don't got $92 BILLION anymore!

$92 BILLION MORE dollars for war was approved last Thursday by the House (60 NO's out of 435), and this Thursday by the Senate (3 NO's out of 100), as requested by Obama, the president we elected to END war, not escalate and perpetuate it.

In case you think I'm pointing a finger at Obama and our Congress, I'm not. I'm pointing a finger at us. We, the people, will allow this Supplemental to go forward, or we won't.

War Supplementals (i.e. MORE money for war on top of the 100's of BILLIONS already allocated for this fiscal year) ARE a campaign promise that Obama made - that is, he promised he would NOT ask for any war supplementals.

Under Obama, drone raids over Pakistan have increased by 2-4 times what they've been; our troops in Afghanistan are being increased by almost DOUBLE; and he is threatening to leave 50,000 troops (that's almost 1/2 the troops there now) after the withdrawal deadline.

This is what we, the people, are supporting unless we STAND UP and make our voices heard.

I hope you will seriously consider putting aside whatever you are able to during the first week of June, probably the 1st or 2nd, to TAKE TO THE STREETS with CodePINK and other activists to protest, not just the increase pending horrific loss of life and irreparable damage to humans and the environment, but also spending $92 BILLION to increase the wealth of war profiteers when so many in this country are suffering loss of homes, jobs, health, education.

Go to the calendar at for the latest info or call 510-540-7007. Let us know you will turn your fury into action.

Peace, Xan


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