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Monday, September 14, 2015

Transgender backlash to radical feminism or Transgenderism 101

There is a HUGE machine out there that infiltrates every aspect of our lives and beings: it is the machine of patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism that employs racism, misogyny, sexism to oppress and control us. 

The transgender response is an indication of how successful that machine has been at oppressing that individual. This machine, designed to make us fit into boxes that define, characterize & limit according to race and/or sex, places value on us depending on how neatly we fit in those boxes.

And this machine punishes (at best) those that don't or refuse to fit in those boxes. 

Self-hatred, self-loathing is a condition intrinsic to both fitting or not fitting in. Trans people see they don't want to be in their society-designed box but instead of smashing that box, pounding their chests and saying "THIS is who I am and I love myself the way I am", they search for another society-designed box to fit in.

Then, in our consumer-driven society that believes we can buy anything, they proceed to buy surgery to mutilate their bodies while taking highly toxic and synthetic hormones to poison their bodies


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