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Thursday, May 25, 2006


protest in front of white house

WHAT: Bushwhacked at Fort McNair
While Bush officiates the change of command in the Coast Guard, anti-war activists are demanding a change of command in the White House.  72% of the soldiers presently in Iraq and the vast majority of Americans want our troops home before the end of 2006.  To date, 2,459 US troops have been killed in the war in Iraq.  At the height of operations, there were 1250 Coast Guard personnel deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Today, activists are sending the president the message that we need to bring our troops home.  On Monday, May 22, CODEPINK anti-war activists demonstrated outside Fort McNair.  Retired Army colonel Ann Wright entered the base and was detained for two hours at Fort McNair after trying to pass out postcards for “Sir!  No Sir!” -- a documentary about military resistance to the Vietnam War.  Ann Wright will return to Fort McNair today as the group of activists continue to hold a peaceful presence at the gates of the base.   
Beginning on Mothers’ Day weekend, CODEPINK activists from around the country converged on the Capitol to work aggressively toward ending the war on Iraq.  This latest campaign called “Women Say Enough! BASTA!” includes daily actions as ‘sweeping house’ at Capitol Hill, a 24 hour vigil in front of the White House,  processions  and creative demonstrations around Federal buildings,  a march from the White House to a civil disobedience action at Donald Rumsfeld’s home,  and citizens testifying at Congressional hearings, and disrupting the complacency within Congressional offices.
7:00p.m. We will continue our protest of the Bush agenda in front of the White House


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