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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kicked off facebook

I've been prepared to be labeled the "T" words and kicked off facebook, but I wasn't prepared for being kicked off for pointing out that it is WHITE MALES that are the most violent perpetrators of violence in this country.

This is what I tried to post - the truth - and was told it was against "Community Standards" - weeelllll if that doesn't show ya what/whose community and what/whose standards, nothin will.

"As of June 28: 154 mass shootings so far this year-heinous crimes committed by no women, no men of color, and no one from another country.

WHITE MEN r the MOST VIOLENT people in this country"

24 hours later, I attempted to post the next truth that the majority of those killed in the 154 mass shootings just this year alone were womyn (and their children) murdered by the white men who claim to love them.

Facebook wouldn't let me post that either - but this time I didn't get banned.


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