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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I just can't take it anymore

The practice to add billions of dollars for services that the people of this country NEED to war supplementals HAS to be outlawed. It is unconscionable, immoral, anti-human, and ought to be illegal.

It also gives those congressional people (are they "people" when they act so anti-people?) an excuse to vote for war funding when they KNOW the people of this country (and the world) are SICK of our horrific attacks and occupations of other nations.

How DARE we the people of this country accept this congressional practice? How DARE congress be so immoral as to attach funding critical to the people of this country to funding the murder and destruction of other people?

Congress is perfectly capable of presenting resolutions for funding without adding it to war supplementals.

I just can't take our silence, our compliance any more.


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