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Friday, October 26, 2012

Copperheads and mosquitoes

Well the mosquitoes are really not too bad. They're the kind that come out an hour or two before sunset, easy to avoid.

On the other hand, copperheads seems to be trickier. I've been warned there are lots of snakes here, cotton mouths, rattlers, and then copperheads.

Plaque of the Doves, which I just finished reading, revealed a character who was a 'snake charmer' who had  both rattler and copperhead for her 'pets'.

None of these snakes are lethal, unless of course you happen to be allergic, but copperheads tend to strike more often then others. Not because they are less shy or more lethal, but because they tend to freeze when terrified.

They use camouflage to protect themselves & therefore might be stepped on more then rattlers who let you know they are there & to move out of the way.

Personally, I'd rather face the California Black Bear - but I'm no longer in California!


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