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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tar Sands protest: where o where can you be?

I am still unable to rouse the Tar Sands protestors to find out where to join them. I have tried emailing and posting to the website. I got a weird email back asking if I've signed up at the website - where do they think I got the email from?

I originally read the early reports saying they were in Livingston Tx, which is about 80 miles north of Houston – but Democracy Now & other newspaper articles, are now saying the blockade is in Winnsboro, which is outside of Dallas.

I’m peeved, as I could/would have come thru Dallas, if Livingston was not mentioned originally. It’s over 250 miles from Houston, where I’m dropping Jess off, to Winnsboro. I would only have enough veggie oil to just barely get there.

After I drop Jess & her stuff off in Houston, I'll be about 250 miles from my veggie oil guy in Louisiana. If I head north, I’ll be over 500 miles from him, which means at least 50 gallons of diesel – not just cost prohibitive but how can I justify protesting a crude oil pipe line if I’m going to be using so much diesel?

I’ll drop Jess off, head to Louisiana to fill up with veggie oil and continue my trip – and I’ll plan on joining the protest on my return in December.



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