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Monday, May 05, 2008

why do womyn have to do EVERYTHING!

Meg wrote: I believe women need to work toward healing kids who have lost their souls in combat. they are psychologically destroyed and Safe Spaces to tell their stories and engage in Creation are necessary... and yet... i could not find ANY services for this after googling "women healers for Iraqi Veterans," and the like.

can someone explain this?

YES it is necessary to march and protest and fight and fight against this inane and horrendous war. but truly, please, where are the mammas who will take on the duty of putting love back into the hearts of these beings?

hi meg - weeeellllll, i have to ask many questions

for instance, why do we womyn have to do EVERYTHING? men chose to go to war, chose to destroy their souls, as well as the lives of many other humans, and then it is OUR responsibility as womyn to heal them? hmmmmm

we are so overwhelmed, challenged, besieged now attempting (not so very successfully but we are determined to prevail soon!) to prevent those very men from taking that step in the first place - which is the only real way to prevent them from destroying their souls and taking life - it is hard to fathom yet another monumental task on my plate at least.

i know there are womyn who are dedicating their lives to this very task - they might not be on the internet but they are on the gi rights hotlines and ccco, etc.

i also have other priorities - i want to heal the womyn who have been the victims of these men - the ones who are raped, tortured, beaten, their children destroyed as well - these womyn are my priority - and if/when i have energy left over, i will move on to the men.

but i believe the men have to heal themselves and be responsible for their own healing - womyn have been trying for at least 10,000 years in some cultures to care for men and clean up after them - i don't have much hope for doing things the same way still for this generation. i think the best way we can help men heal is by healing ourselves and taking over so that those who believe it is wrong to kill, torture, rape NO MATTER WHAT- those are the ones who lead this world - not men who are willing to justify killing to get what they want!

peace, power, fierce sisterhood, zanne


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