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Monday, September 14, 2015

Militarization of our police...continued

I passed on the info a couple weeks ago about North Dakota legislature approving use of military surveillance drones by police against the people of North Dakota.

I just learned last nite that the city council in San Jose 'approved' such a drone for the S.J. police department - a year after the police had secretly purchased the drone for their arsenal.

The use of drones has increased a gadzillion times since 2003, when we attacked Afghanistan with about 150 drones in our arsenal. By 2009, we had over 4000 controlled mostly from Creech AFB. Today, there are at least 150 bases in the u.s. (that we know about) that are training 'pilots' and operating drones against people around the world.

North Dakota is the first to pass a state-wide initiative to employ drones; several cities around the nation have signed pledges to forbid drones in their airspace. The FAA has still to develop regulations monitoring and controlling the use of drones in u.s. land mass airspace.

Our military weapons - weapons developed to hunt down and kill other people - are coming home to be used against us. UNLESS we stand up and FIGHT!

Message me if you want to be on the list serve for the folks fighting drones, in the u.s. and internationally. Or email nodronesinfo at gmail.



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