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Monday, December 12, 2016

Red Fawnn - to be continued

What a stroke of good luck - and enraging glimpse of blatant injustice - we are in court when Red Fawn is attending the pretrial for her felony arrest.

Again, I will not say too much about the details of the case but I will say this: what a bunch a racist, macho, sexist, violent bull shit piled on top of her.

Do you know that police targeted her that day she was arrested? The AFT asshole (one who happened to be in the prison when we were arrested and refused to identify himself) actually even proudly outlined how Red Fawn was a leader and called her an 'agitator' and police were waiting for her to be separated from the rest of the Water Protectors in order to pounce on her and arrest her.

Red Fawn, an amazing, courageous, fierce warrior, has been detained in jail since the huge arrests of October 27th, when over 170 Water Protectors were arrested at the behest of DAPL.


  • At 14/12/16 2:54 AM, Blogger Cindi said…

    Hi Xan,
    Just catching up on your blogs. Really appreciate the updates! I have been following Red Fawn's fate and was really worried when the word was "Camp was closing." Are there others still locked up as well? I am glad to read the youth council that a new fire should be ignited and they will be the tenders. I also heard the governor gave another deadline for evacuation. I will keep checking back. Please tell Grandma Dianne Hello for me. I am so glad to know she is still there and safe. Can you ask her about her granddaughter? Did you return after court or are you on your way home? safe journeys wherever you are and where ever you go!


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