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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Peace-In - the Olde (Democratic) Guarde

North Carolina and I'm running into some resistance to holding our Democrats accountable! It surfaces as a misunderstanding about the purpose of the Peace-In actions.

Some folks are objecting to doing the Mandate for Peace in front of Democrats offices and doing the Peace-In in their office as well.

The Peace-In is targeted toward Democrats and the growing number of Republicans who are SAYING they are against the war and occupation in Iraq. There are more of "us" against war, then those for war; and yet these Representatives VOTE to continue war by providing the funds for war.

The purpose of the Peace-In is to obtain our Congressmember’s public statement that they will vote to DEFUND the war; that the only money they will vote for this current military operation is to for the SAFE and PROMPT return of our troops.

The Peace-In is not confrontational nor civil disobedience (although it could be at some point down the line; as you know, CodePINK is not a stranger to either) – but it is a powerful, poignant action that will empower our Congressmembers and ourselves to end war now by encouraging Congress to put their money where their mouth is.

We are focusing on those Democrats – and Republicans – who claim to be for peace and against war. We are NOT embracing the Democratic Party and Kerry’s old strategy of trying to appeal to those opposing us who disagree with ending the war.

Instead, we are holding our representatives to the Mandate for Peace that we, the voters of this country, gave them in November.

Democrat Congressman should welcome us, appreciate our willingness to engage in our Democracy, and stand tall as s/he issues a public statement saying s/he will vote to defund the war.

It would be even more awesome if your Congressperson issues a public statement signing on to the recent resolution authored by Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, and Lynn Woolsey to have all our troops home within 6 months.


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