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Monday, September 02, 2013

The world's 1%

No one wants to talk about how most of us here in this country, are part of the 1% of the world.

No one wants to really unravel the threads of war, enslaving people, genocide, exploitation are part and parcel of the american dream.

I couldn't even get 1 in 10 people today to take a flyer to call their congress people to say NO WAR on Syria.

I even had a couple of white men, of course, express their opinion we should bomb Syria; two other white men also mentioned we're not going to war, but like Kosovo, we're just going to strike for a few days.

One young sharply dressed, clean-cut bi-racial man - he appeared to be maybe Asian and white - even claimed we were not going to bomb civilians, because american doesn't kill civilians.

I was flabbergasted. When I mentioned the 250,000 civilians we killed with one bomb, he justified that by saying we were at war.

When I asked him about the Indigenous people white people murdered to take over this country, he reluctantly admitted, maybe then. I continued with the list, millions of Africans, 2.5 million Vietnamese, 2.5 million Koreans, he hastily grabbed the flyer and promised he'd read it.

I'm trying not to despair. There are just too many people to talk with and not enough of us out in the streets doing the talking.


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