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Monday, February 05, 2007

"Peace-In" Occupation Project Begins TODAY

Today will mark the herstoric beginning of our campaign ensuring Congress implement the Mandate for Peace we handed them in November.

From today and for the next 8 weeks, or as soon as Congress votes to de-fund the war and adopts HR508, we MUST occupy their offices, their phone lines, their fax machines, their email and snail mail boxes. We must demonstrate, protest, creatively and fiercely hold them accountable.

And as we tell Congresspeople, they cannot SAY they are against war and then VOTE to fund war, so we the people cannot SAY we are against war and then not make the time and effort to ACT every day to end war.

We MUST make the room in our lives to end war. We cannot continue our lifestyles – work, school, homemaking, business, entertainment – as usual and still have the energy and resources to end war; or to expect this war to end let alone prevent another war.

As horrible, as unbelievable, as debilitating as it may seem, we Americans are fighting these wars so we can have easy, accessible, cheap access to the resources of the world – all in our name, the name of our lifestyle, the name of our comfort.

This week is CRUCIAL – as is the next 2, 3, maybe 4 weeks. If you have any little spark of desire for war to end, PLEASE make the room to devote your time and energy every day to Occupation Project.

We must not allow our newly-elected Congress to buy this war!

Declare February “Call in PINK” month: put off whatever can be put on the back-burner for the next month; ask yourself “do I really HAVE to spend my time ….?”; take a week off from work; go on half-time; unplug your TV; devote at least 3 hours everyday to ending war.

It is time. Come to D.C. We still need 10 more women to be here this week. We have 150 congresspeople most likely to sign on to HR508. We need to visit their offices every day; we need to occupy their offices daily; we need to call their constituents everyday; we need to reach out to like-minded organizations and get them on-board; we need to contact the press and force the media to report what is happening.

You can do it! We can do it! Together we WILL end war and occupation – remember whose life is on the line today. Remember whose life will be on the line tomorrow, especially if we fail to act now.

Not sure what to do, what to say? Check out the “Talking Points” at; check out the Occupation Project page on Call the CodePINK House in D.C. 202-758-2795 or Zanne’s cell 404-561-1233. Call Rae 415-994-1723. Call someone and do it together!

Just come to D.C.; or if you stay home, just help occupy the offices of our Congresspeople most likely to vote to end war. Don’t waste precious time on those representatives determined to not end war: focus on those who claim to be against war yet vote to continue war.

It is up to us, we the people. Let’s do it: if not for Iraqis, if not for Iranians, if not for the world, then for our very own children.


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