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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Come to D.C. she says when????

If you’re seriously considering coming to D.C., then please come by this Monday, Feb 5th. We need 30 women – we have 12! Only 18 more~!

You might have heard, we have been doing AWESOME actions all around the capitol – inside the Senate buildings, inside hearings in the Senate and the House buildings; in front of the Court House; in the offices of our elected officials – all over D.C., our hot CodePINK presence is being felt, treasured, and appreciated by most, and heeded by many.

We are building the pressure, the resistance. Yesterday, a couple of Senators told their colleagues the American people are angry and that anger is building, not dissipating, over the war against and occupation of Iraq!

We have gotten a shitload of press – from written AP, daily newspaper and weeklies to CNN, FOX, Democracy NOW, to the Hannady & Combs show!

Many women from around the country are stepping up to the plate and joining us. We need at least 18 more.

If you have ANY desire to come to D.C., please come this Monday so we can increase our national impact. What happens in D.C. on the 5th will set the trend for the nation.

We have over 150 Congresspeoples’ offices to visit daily for that week – some to “Peace-In”, others to drop off info re:HR508 and to return to frequently until we get the Congressperson’s commitment to sign on!

If we have 15 women, that’s 1 “Peace-In” and 9 offices each; if we have 30 women, that’s 1 “Peace-In” and 4.5 offices each! We can do it – but we need your help!

Check out Occupation Project on national’s site and my blog for more information.


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