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Monday, February 05, 2007

Suggestions for talking with Congresspeople

Suggestions for talking with Congressperson:

1) Speak from the heart

2) Stay on the singular message

3) Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your message no matter what!

4) Identify one goal for the meeting and be determined to reach it

5) Ask to speak w/the Congressperson her/himself; if they are not available, ask to speak with Chief of Staff; then go down the list until you find someone to speak with –or you wait until someone is available

6) Be friendly but firm; know you are right, you are determined, you have a whole grassroots movement of awesome women behind you!

7) Do not leave until you either get what you want or make an appointment to come back and pick up what you want in an hour, 24 hours, a fortnite, whenever as soon as you are able.

Further expansion on above
1) speaking from the heart – you cannot go wrong, you can only get better at expressing yourself, your determination to end war, your resolve to remove our troops from harm’s way – both from being killed and killing another human being. Don't worry about saying the wrong thing, not knowing what to say, or what you'll look like. Learn, grow, get better - if you don't do it, it won't get done so just do your very best, know your voice needs to be heard and speak for all of us.

2) there are a multitude of important, vital issues and causes – do not muddy the waters or give your congressperson the opportunity to change the subject, no matter how important these other things are to you. Keep the message simple and clear: we’re here to end war, defund the war, bring the troops & contractors home immediately. Period.

3) Remember raising children: you ask them to clean their room – they might ignore you, point out how good they’ve been, throw a fit, call you names, etc.etc.etc. – all tactics to try to make you forget your goal, to get them to clean their room. Same with congresspeople – they might call you liberals, hippies; might want you to go harass some republican; bring up their pet project – whatever. Doesn’t matter – acknowledge their feelings and get back on message: “I see you’re busy/stressed/ upset/leaving/working/etc, there’s never a good/right/easy time to end war so we’re doing it now & need your help”.

4) we’re not leaving until you have signed on to HR508; or until you have promised to vote to de-fund war


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