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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels across country in my mobile billboard truck as I attempt to engage in dialogue with people in hopes to wake us up and inspire action to change our country and communities and selves. And it is froth with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society and life we want

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rain forest, organic coffee, and freedom!

Wow - there's a whole world of veggie oil folks out there and the easiest way to find them is to search for veggie oil conversion. I've learned this after spending hours searching for wvo (waste veggie oil), svo (straight veggie oil), vegetable oil - everything I could think of on craigslist, google, etc., following links, calling defunct or bewildered numbers!

I've just driven - my daughter and grandchild - all nite from Los Angeles to Phoenix so she can catch her plane home and I can enter Mexico . We’ve said our fond fare-the-wells and she’s off to Atlanta, I’m off to finding veggie oil.

Of course it is Sunday and this is Arizona so lots of places are closed today. The library is open noon-5, which is wonderful! Because I arrived early, I searched for an organic coffee shop with free wifi. I found a small café close to the interstate but when I arrive, the door is locked even though the business hours claimed they are open today.

A man comes to the locked door never-the-less and informs me that they were having water problems – a main broke – but he opened the door because he liked the message on my truck. The front, peace symbol was facing him, the old "pink slip bush" and "our soldiers are dying for your support.

I wonder which messages he's referring to.

He tells me how green his café is, organic, fair trade, with vegan and veggie options. He speaks of the rain forest and growing organically. He gives me a free cup of coffee (the air pots were full from the early a.m. when they did have water) and an organic homemade granola bar.

And this is after we walk around the truck and he reads everything. We commiserate about pesticides, destroying life, racism, and money-driven greed.

When I confess I am leaving the country, he is appalled. He spouts his love for this country and points out all the opportunities, freedoms, privileges we have here, like the right to speak our mind and vote.

When I ask him how often does he think people are jailed for speaking their truths, he says at least they're not tortured.

He rants about Hussein dipping his people in sulfuric acid by the 10’s of thousands, in public, and all the terrible people there are around the world hurting people. And waiting for a big powerful country like ours, to come rescue them.

He says of course we would want 'thank you' access to their resources for 'helping' them out.

I attempt to ask him if he’s sure of his ‘facts’ or did he think the corporate-run media wants him to believe such things, as obviously he’s a man who cares about the environment – and did he think the media was exploiting his feelings of caring by distorting ‘facts’ to get him on their side?

I attempt to ask him about which country did we go into to help the little people, as he obviously wants to be on their side.

He reiterates how much he loves this country. He is first generation ‘American’, like me but he is brown and most likely listened to his mom speak Spanish, as I listened to my mom speak Yiddish. I translate the messages on my truck.

He wishes I loved this country as he does – as I used to.

But he gives me coffee, treats, plugs me in so I can get on-line. He's a business-man first - or maybe he's thinking about everything we've talked about.

Then, when I leave, he who doesn't speak Spanish, tells me "vaya con dios".

Ah ha! I've stumbled upon a christian coffee house. I have had my coffee, internet connection, and treat. I tell him "vaya con lesbianas"


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