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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ways in which women are becoming just like men:

There used to be a time - in the olden daze as my goddess daughter would say -  when a womon walked into a women’s bathroom, a public bathroom, it was pristine: there was nothing on the floor, no pee on the toilet seat, it was clean.

In fact, you always knew instantly if you stumbled inadvertently into the men’s bathroom cause it was a dirty mess.

Now as womyn strive to be more and more like men, there goes our bathrooms - garbage strewn around, toilet paper unraveled, and pee on the seat as if a man had been there.

To think way back in 1978, my Iowa uncle was soooo worried that women, if liberated, would want to use men's bathrooms. Little did I know I'd have to worry that women wanted to emulate men in our bathrooms.

I HATE peeing after men - and women who wanna be men-like...


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