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Monday, September 28, 2009

Open Letter to DRONE Pilots

4 o'clock we return to Creech AFB to greet the soldiers leaving the base for the day. We continue to attempt to hand them this open letter. About 20 or so have come to join us, including several from Pace E Bene.

Seven of us are committed to attempting to meet with the base commander to talk with him about this letter and about the drones. Seven of us are so determined to meet with him we are willing to risk arrest.

We are arrested shortly after approaching the gate.

This is our letter:

Open Letter to DRONE Pilots:

Dear Fellow American who happens to be a Soldier:

We know that you, as is true for all soldiers around the world, have chosen to willing put your body and mind in harms way if need be; that you have chosen to risk severe injury, even death; that you are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of your life for all you believe in.

We are here today to ask you to seriously and sincerely consider those women, children, babies, and men who have not made those choices; who are not soldiers; who are like us, civilians.

We ask you to refuse to press those buttons that kill women and children 7000 miles across the world.

We know that you and many people in this country believe you are heroes.

We ask you to be the real hero who refuses to drone; refuses to hunt human beings down and assassinate them; refuses to cause death, destruction, terrible wounds to so many other human beings.

We stand in solidarity with those women, children and men from Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan who are suffering from these drone attacks; we stand in solidarity with your children, mothers, families who may be the victims of drone attacks in the future if we don’t stop this warfare from space.

Together we WILL GROUND the DRONES! Peace, CodePINK East Bay


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