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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! I am on my mobile version of the door-to-door, going town-to-town holding readings/gatherings/discussions of my book "But What Can I Do?" This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels since 9/11 as I engage in dialogue and actions. It is steaming with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society we want ALL to thrive in

Friday, November 26, 2010

12 things to do now & 2 paradigm changes! to be built upon

a work in progress - please add - and remember, change is a process - something to embrace and strive for, not something to list all the reasons you cannot change but to work towards all the things you must change.

The VERY FIRST thing that must happen in our world, is that womyn MUST step forward and lead us from our core female values; and simultaneously, men MUST step back to allow the space for womyn to lead. So EVERYONE, start steppin'!!!

1) NEVER spend your money, resources, support for CORPORATIONS. We MUST end our individual support for CORPORATIONS: which means we have to be super aware of what we buy, where we buy, how we buy. If our individuals support for corporations were eliminated, war would not be profitable; slave labor would not be profitable; exploitation of others land and resources would not be profitable (a step to Eliminate Violence)

2) 100% ORGANIC: commit to buying and putting into and on your body only 100% organic things. Start with eliminating the 3 crops that use the most pesticides in our world: cotton, coffee, and tobacco (a step toward Holding All Life Sacred, beginning with your own)

3) GROW your own food ORGANICALLY (which means you start with organic seed as well as use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers or destroy rain forests to grow) Share growing with your neighbors and friends. Start an organic seed bank. ( a step toward Holding All Life Sacred)

4) Raise your consciousness and work with others raising consciousness. Read Read Read Discuss Discuss Discuss Question Question Question. Prioritize your time so that critical thinking, learning, challenging, discussing ranks high, higher than everything else you do in life - EXCEPT the ACTIONS you take to allow your walk to come from your talk!

5) Heal yourself, your communities, your family, especially if you are the survivors of genocide, colonization, oppression. We have to be so aware especially of the values we have taken on and challenge ourselves, whether they are religious values, social values, daily values, possession values - whatever. Figure out why you value what you do and how much of your values, what you strive for, comes from your oppression, from the dominant society, from the perpetrators of genocide.

6) Heal yourself, your communities, your family, especially if you are the perpetuaters of genocide, colonization, oppression. We have to be so aware of how we are or have become instruments of genocide, oppression; the ways in which we accept and perpetuate oppression. For our society, our world is so sophisticated, the old ways of enslaving people, etc., are no longer necessary in most places. It is like the elephant that no longer has the chain attached but remains stationary, believing the chain is attached. I know men, white people, straight people, people with money want to believe, do often believe they are not instrumental in perpetuating oppression but each and everyone of them are, if 'only' merely by definition. But this is another 'discussion'.

7. Eliminate the use of drugs and/or alcohol: we MUST honor our bodies and our minds and commit to living a life under the influence of life and mind-altering substances. If only for the main reason that those in power use drugs and alcohol to oppress our communities and people. For example: 12% of the white population uses illegal drugs' 12% of the black population uses illegal drugs. 12% of white users are prosecuted and end up in jail; 69% of black people are prosecuted and end up in jail. So then we all think black people are druggies, criminals, and need to be jailed.

8. NEVER BUY NEW. There is enough junk in this world to keep everyone in stuff for a very very very long time - especially if we share. It is rarely necessary to buy new.

9. Be aware of the impact of everything you do, every thing you support, all your choices have on life and the living on this planet. Make wise, loving choices that support life.

10. Do NOT use petroleum products besides fuel, especially plastics: which means NO BUYING water, etc., in plastic bottles. Get yourself a filter if you're so worried you can't drink the water. Buying water is BAD for the planet, not to mention the people whose land the water comes from. Our corporations, like fuckin COKE, go to another country, pollute their water and then steal the water that is not polluted to sell to you. It's unconscionable. Plus the plastic bottles we use, after we kill Iraqis, etc., to get their petroleum, in one year surround the center of the earth at least 150 times. Just to mention a few reasons to NEVER buy plastic or use plastic INCLUDING fuckin' plastic bags.

11. Do NOT throw anything away! Before you go to toss whatever into the garbage, ask yourself, can this be reused for anything? Can this be recycled? Can this be composted? Is there something else I can do with this. Try to have NO weekly garbage. Which means you have to buy things consciously thinking of the container and packaging. Ask yourself will I be able to recycle/reuse/compost this? If not, do NOT buy it! Simple.

12. STOP thinking of cost in terms of money. Think of cost in terms of expense to life on this planet. We cannot think it is 'cheaper' to buy a t-shirt made in China, or gmo corn from Mexico because it might cost us less money. I know this is where people with access to more money start pointing to all the poor people in the world and huff how can we expect poor people with hugely limited resources spend more on food. Well, the fact is that our society, our world is set up to enable rich people to spend less and force poor people to spend more of their resources to survive. If you KNOW that poor people are struggling, then it is your obligation to eliminate that suffering. Instead of spending money on a new tv or computer, feed your neighbors, share your resources, which leads me to one of the two paradigm shifts we need:

1) We have to believe with every cell in our bodies that it is totally unacceptable to have more than any other human being on this planet. So instead of working in order to have more, we must work in order to share everything with everyone on this planet.


2) We have to believe with every cell in our bodies that human life is sacred and that the taking of another human being's life is NEVER acceptable. We have to believe that there is never a good reason for taking another's life. For if we believe our reason is 'good' and acceptable, then how can we say another's reason is not good or acceptable.


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