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Sunday, November 14, 2010

In search of oil...

I return to the huge park this morning, make a pot of coffee this time, grab all my Spanish lessons, and head for the gates.

My guard friend Roberto, greets me and asks me - I think - if I drove up from the coast. I tell him no, I drove from Hermosillo. I am a little surprised to see the park open as usual on a Sunday, given the extent of Catholicism that supposedly has a hold here.

Actually, maybe I don't know what they look like, but I've seen very, very few churches - not like Nebraska or Florida even. I saw one building yesterday that was the front of an old church but the rest of the building was a hospital. hmmmm.

I wouldn't even know if was Sunday today. Everything seems the same as it did yesterday. Except for "the" fight spectators out in the streets.

I study so hard today. I'm learning to conjugate verbs in the present tense and past tense - but not the past tense that's the short past, but the long past tense. hmmmm.

It is almost 3 by the time I end my lessons and return to my truck. Fortunately I have my veggie curry waiting for me that I heat and gobble up. I am on my way to pick up oil at the "Sushi To Go" restaurant - my first oil score!

When I get to the Sushi restaurant, so proud of myself for finding my way around Hermosillo, I talk with the young man, Cesar, who speaks some English. First he says they don't have oil but then he says maybe.

We go around back and I see the container that is a little over half full. I point it out to him and tell him, yes, this is what I want!!! And where is the rest?

He says this is all they have and starts looking for a container to put it in for me. I tell him, it's okay I will get a container. I strut to my truck and grab the funnel, a container, my gloves, and a piece of jeans for filtering.

When I return, he tells me how sorry he is but he cannot give me the oil! I am disappointed, not that it is that much oil, but it would have been my first score in Mexcio!


He explains that they have a recycler who comes and picks up oil and who complained that very weekend that they weren't getting enough oil from this location. I ask for the name of the recycler - maybe I can get oil from them - and he tells me to return for the guy's name tomorrow, which I will.

At least I have Jung tomorrow morning. HOPEFULLY that will work out. I will retire early tonite so I can be at Jung by 7:30 or so. They said 8:15 but I don't want to take any chances.


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