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Monday, January 03, 2011

In search of veggie oil Colima, Colima, Mexico - to be continued

Colima is a big city, about 150,000 people, although after walking around on my hunt for veggie oil, it doesn't seem as big as it seemed when I first pulled in.

I am also on the hunt for coconut and fruit and veggies. The biggest 'grocery' store here is fuckin walmart. People are bewildered when I tell them I will not give them my money. For them, walmart brings u.s. goods to their fingertips.

When I ask, why would they want that junk, they laugh and say they don't really. When I tell them none of the things in walmart are made in the u.s., they nod wisely.

When I walk to the "downtown" centro section, I find my favorite "mercado": a large, inside area with lots of vendors selling mostly edible things.

The fruit and veggie people are selling the exact same fruits and veggies. I buy lots: papaya, pomegranate, bananas, broccoli, onion, peppers, avocado, tamarind, cilantro, tomatoes. I am loaded down for my walk home.

And then I buy a coconut for only 8 pesos! Delightful!

If only my search for veggie oil has turned out so good.

I go to the restaurants where I witnessed lots of people at the nite before. I am excited because there are lots of Sushi places here and I've had such good luck - and good oil - from such places.

The first one I stop at tells me they sell their oil for 90 pesos a 20 liter container. He tries to tell me in other places it can sell for 120 pesos. I tell him that's not true, as I've been getting veggie oil all over Mexico.

But this doesn't bode well. The next place tells me they too sell their oil, 60 pesos for 20 liters. Now I know the first guy was exaggerating. But this place has no oil.

I go to several other places, walking my feet off as the sun becomes hotter and hotter. No one has oil.

Finally I return to one restaurant I had passed thinking they didn't do much frying. There a young, slight womon hears what I want and disappears for several minutes into the back.

When she returns, she has a huge smile on her face and two small bottles of oil in her arms, which she presses into my arms. The oil looks so clean, I think it is new but she assures me it is used. On closer examination, I can see a little black residue on the very bottom. I want to pour it directly into my tank!

If only she had more! I find another place who tells me they sell it for 60 pesos too. I tell him I will buy it, as I calculate my funds. Unfortunately he tells me they only have half a container. I will return tomorrow, just in case they have more.

I think I waited too many days after the 1st to collect oil. My competition was probably there, first thing in the morning on the first, or second. Oh well, maybe I'll head to Manzanillo and have better luck there.

Here, the places that use and change veggie oil are not so many, even though it is a "big" city.


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