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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels across country in my mobile billboard truck as I attempt to engage in dialogue with people in hopes to wake us up and inspire action to change our country and communities and selves. And it is froth with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society and life we want

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Blow Out!!! and Southern Hospitality! to be continued

I am leaving a message for Duke, my WVO contact in Shreveport Louisiana. He has not returned my calls after our 'political' conversation (you know the one where he, a former cop & firefighter, believes in war and why don't I?) even though he promised me he would sell me wvo whether we agree or not.

I hear a loud bang and the truck shudders a little. My first thought is did one of these angry white men, who have been giving me the finger and dirty looks all morning, decide to try to shoot me? hmmmm

I pull off the exit, pull into a gas station, and see that my back rear tire is flat - and gaping! Oh fuck.

I have just enough cash to make it home. Now I'll have to buy a tire at the very least... grrrr

Sitting at the curb, I begin trying to locate tire people. Thank the goddesses Tessie pays for my phone to have internet access. She takes such good care of her mom!!!

I find a truck tire place that I think is close by but it turns out to be several miles away. I cannot drive there. The fellow questions me, not believing I, a mere womon, am driving a commercial vehicle.

I explain to him my vehicle is no longer considered commercial as I converted it into a camper but it used to be commercial. I reveal I am an anti-war activist and my truck reflects my beliefs. Might as well get it out in the open before they send someone who might refuse to help me once he gets a look at my truck.

This fellow pleasantly turns out to be very supportive, even extremely helpful. $90 for the road service, $220 for the tire, $310 plus taxes. I tell him I cannot afford that so he recommends I call a local tire place, saying my tire is pretty common and he's sure it will be cheaper.

He takes my number and also tells me he is putting a tire for me on the service truck that is going out in a few minutes just in case I can't find anything cheaper. He makes me promise I will call him back when I get the tire replaced (after it is complete, he insists), or he will call me before the service truck fellow returns just in case I need it!

How wonderful! I find a tire place exactly .5 of a mile from where I have parked! When I get there, I am greeted so enthusiastically by the two white guys behind the counter.

One, a young, trim fellow, tells me he has already photoed the Monsanto side of my truck & sent it to his wife. He tells me they are trying to go 100% organic, including their meats, and next year they want to get bees!

The other fellow, older, chubbier, former football player, starts a conversation about the terrible shape of the world. He quickly changes it to "forget the world, I mean our country".

I am afraid to ask him exactly what he means in case he is aligned with the "they don't appreciate us over there" folks, rather than the "the u.s.a. is fuckin' up everyone around the world.." folks.

He tells me to take football, for example - which is how I find out he used to play. Some coach is making $4 million a year, with $20,000 per month 'allowance' for a car. He is stuttering, he is so mad, questioning what someone wants with all that money.

He cannot stand the disparity in our country. I talk about 1 billion a day on wars. He has heard of the Occupy movement but hasn't checked it out yet.

I encourage both guys to get to Occupy as soon as they can.

And I get a new tire for $157 out the door! GREAT! But now I HAVE to find work or it'll be me pushing the truck home....


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