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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels across country in my mobile billboard truck as I attempt to engage in dialogue with people in hopes to wake us up and inspire action to change our country and communities and selves. And it is froth with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society and life we want

Monday, December 12, 2011

Occupy El Paso

I decide to return to Sprouts, the supermarket that has taken over Wild Oats in El Paso. As I drive into El Paso, there are tons of billboards aimed at capturing the military business, including sweeping discounts for military members, special deals, added incentives to buy, join, partake in capitalism.

And of course, thanking them for their "service"... to corporate greed. My addition of course!

And the usual, the recruiting military billboards spouting honor, glory and all that stirring-up-the-boys crap.

The military hype is over the top here. I peer south through the scummy fog, trying to look over the stark mountains separating El Paso from Ciudad Juarez, right across the border. I am told 15 womyn every day are murdered now - a holocaust that started before this recent attack on Mexico under the guise of "war on drugs".

When I return to my truck with a few organic sweet potatoes and miso that I have been craving, two older, very dykish-looking white women are standing near by, taking pictures and smiling broadly at me.

Barbara and Helena, both in their 70's, live in Columbus, New Mexico - right across the state line and close to the Mexican border. We talk, about ending wars including the war against Mexico, their home town, the UAV training base down the road from Las Cruces, and the Occupy movement.

Barbara is a former costumer for the theater department at the University of New Mexico. She has lived and worked mostly in Wyoming and New Mexico and recalls warmly her time with the womyn's movement during the 70's.

Barbara tells me there is an Occupy Las Cruces - yeah!!!! although she can't remember where they are at. She calls her friend Annie, who is not at home, but gives me her number. It is still an hours drive to Las Cruces.

I get good directions to the food coop there, whom my new friends are sure will know exactly where the occupy is. Barbara gives me $20, all the cash she has, to support my work! YEAH!!!

Off to Occupy Las Cruces!


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