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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! I am on my mobile version of the door-to-door, going town-to-town holding readings/gatherings/discussions of my book "But What Can I Do?" This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels since 9/11 as I engage in dialogue and actions. It is steaming with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society we want ALL to thrive in

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Terf...and proud....truck!

After all these years, I've become accustomed to certain folks believing they have the right to vandalize with graffiti (at the very least) my RRB. At least they are expressing something other than apathy, but she hasn’t been vandalized in quite some time most likely because off covid and my limited traveling.

I really question these folks why they aren’t content with painting their messages on their own vehicles instead of attempting to erase mine …. but we all know the answer to such a question.

Yesterday, I saw that some anti-radical womonist/feminist folks decided they were entitled to vandalizing the back of my RRB with what they, at least, consider a slur ... but I do not. I do consider labeling me by who I exclude in my life is a wrong (at best) characterization as I do not define myself by who I exclude from my party or missives, but by who I include.

Womyn, including lesbians, have NEVER had the right to define ourselves in this society. First a society that intensely embraces racism, sexism, heterosexism defined “women” including “lesbian” and built an effective box full of stereotypes, roles, rewards and punishments to ensure female (and male) compliance within that box.

Now, following the past few decades of womyn having the nerve to attempt to take the power to define ourselves, our roles, our positions in this patriarchal society, the trans-domination crew with the fervent support of our patriarchal society, has tasked itself with defining us with what they alone have the power to reorganize within that box.

I do know that “terf” used by these folks who embrace society’s racist, misogynist, heterosexist sex boxes, is meant not only as a slur but as an attempt to intimidate womyn into silence and compliance while attacking the womonist/femiinist fight establishing sovereign rights of womyn.

Womyn might be reeling under the backlash to our so very few recent feminist achievements, but transdom reached its peak a couple years ago and womyn are rising once again.


Monday, February 14, 2022

Brutal Sexualization of Black Girls and Womyn: Zoom Gathering Sunday Feb 20th "What Will White Womyn Do To End Racism?"

The FBI recently [under]reported thousands THOUSANDS of arrests of school children as young as 5 to 9 years old. 5 to 9 years old.

41% of those [under]reported arrests where of Black children

In Florida alone, Black girls represented 55% of those arrested and 86% of those locked up. In one country, 14 white girls were arrested and 76 Black girls over the same time period.

57.5% of all juvenile prostitution arrests are Black girls; 40% of 'suspected' human trafficking victims in the u.s.ofa. are Black womyn; 85% of those buying sex over the internet are white men.

So what does this mean to us as anti-racist white feminists?

Left over from last time, what tools do we have for challenging white people, especially co-workers, who claim they have a Black friend who says racism doesn't exist, etc.

For a brief report back of our last zoom gathering, check here:

A couple of resources:

Zoom link and password:

Meeting ID: 879 5790 7513

Password: antiracism

Please join us Sunday Feb 20th at 4pm pacific, 5pm mountain, 6pm central, and 7pm eastern.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Brief Report back: White Womyn Divest of White Supremacy, a Zoom Gathering “What Will White Womyn Do To End Racism”

We welcomed three new white womyn to this zoom gathering and one womon shared that she was part of a DEI group at work, which stands for “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion”. We discussed “diversity” as a white-washing of racism, given how can a white person value diversity when we’re shrouded, at best, in racism.

We mentioned how Black and brown womyn were absent from this DEI group, and how that impacts/doesn’t impact “diversity”.A fact our group addressed: why would Black or brown womyn want to come and be exposed to white co-workers racism unless they were getting paid a lot of money; that it is not enough to simply pay the hourly rate the white people were getting to attend during work hours.

Briefly, we touched on addressing the white person who claims that their Black friend or co-worker says there's no racism on the job or with their behavior. To be continued.

We discussed “equity” briefly, including the recent graphic that made the rounds of the three figures attempting to look over the fence, the inequality obvious from their different heights: equality is giving each person the same box to stand on; equity is giving each person several boxes to stand on until their heights are the same.

Equity vs Equality link

We talked about the image of folks behind a fence and the symbolism of the fence dividing people. The tree graphic is better, with no fence dividing people.

The link to this graphic:


We again discussion how white people not just get to choose if and when we will confront racism, but also when we “give up” confronting racism, as it is too hard, too useless, too beyond our skills – our reasons for retreating into white supremacy.

All radical feminists are invited to this facebook page:

The fact that white people most often grow up in segregated neighborhoods, schools, communities, institutions therefore not knowing Black and/or brown people – yet white people are carefully taught and know racism, including stereotypes, myths, fears and supremacy. Part of which is the fact that “white” is understood, is the default for so much and how we are working to flip that by making sure “white” is spelled out.

We moved on to talk a little about the sharing of resources as a form reparations and a way for white womyn to acknowledge our privilege and compensate for that privilege built on the depriving or excluding of Black and brown womyn. Even though reparations are the bottom line to righting wrongful unjust privilege, it is very painful for some white womyn, especially those of us who see ourselves as “poor” or “deprived” when comparing our lives to the wealthy of this country, and not the poorest of this country.

More on reparations next time.

We acknowledge Black History Month and the Chinese New Year, sharing many resources. We continued our discussion of taking action as a vital component of our anti-racism work: resources we shared included: the AntiRacism Daily who are also doing a special “28 Days of Black History” for this Black History month; Layla F. Saad “Me and White Supremacy”; “PushBlack”, and Kendi’s “Be AntiRacist”.

Police brutality, specifically in the small predominantly white town of Rockford IL and the occupation of city hall by the May 30th Alliance and the continued killings of and brutality against Black and brown people in that town by police concluded our zoom. Once again, we discussed the “good” police concept that white people want to hang onto and how difficult it is for many to challenge ourselves and each other in order to see the police for exactly who they are, why they are, and always have been.

If you’ve been to jail for justice:

Our next zoom will be Sunday, Feb 20th at 4pm pacific, 5pm mountain, 6pm central, 7pm east coast. Watch the Facebook page “But What Can I Do” for further details

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Brief Report Back "Feminism and the Anti-racist lens" Zoom gathering Sunday Sept 5th

We had a lively, sometimes contentious, and often uncomfortable discussion, especially when examining our personal tool box for confronting racism within ourselves but mostly within the "fragile", "normal" white person: i.e. not the overt, violent racist but the protesting "I'm not a racist" racist.

We discussed being the “race traitor”, from the overt violent klan’s attack on white people who step outside our white boundaries, to the more subtle but just as virulent silencing of mentioning “white” and/or “racism” as betraying white condolence of white silence.

We talked about academia's contribution to and responsibility for both racism and providing opportunity for anti-racism to develop and flourish. For afterall, CRT began in academia and although relatively non-threatening to white dominance, now that the 1619 project is promoting truth and real historical facts, the backlash has been stoked by tRump. We discussed then did the 1619 project come from academia or from the life and experiences of Nikole Hannah-Jones, who quite fiercely put white academia into its place.

Facing the fact that our educational institutions' primary responsibility - including all levels of education - is to be a major perpetuator of racism, ensuring white privilege and supremacy, is an extremely difficult recognition, especially for those of us (still) connected to these institutions.

The myth and often lie that education is promoting and honing “critical thinking” is one that keeps us committed to the institution. Although the opportunity for critical thinking is and has been present when not co-opted or destroyed by systemic and individual racism.

We defined "internalized" racism as internalizing the systemic oppression aimed at the targets of racism. As white people are the sole beneficiaries and not the targets of racism and although racism is “embraced” internally and externally by whites, we do not suffer from the internalizing oppression but internalizing supremacy.

We touched briefly on science and that institutions’ historic and present day role in perpetuating racism as well as the faith white people have – or don’t have – in “science”. Again, science can be used as an avenue for researching and presenting truth or for justifying, continuing and implementing racism.

We concluded with a brief acknowledgement of the u.s.ofa.’s role in creating and developing religious fundamentalism began in Afghanistan several decades ago and in the u.s.ofa. several centuries ago.


“Memoirs of a Race Traitor” by Mab Segrest “Radical Vision: A biography of Lorraine Hansberry” by Soyica Diggs Colbert “Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and america’s Prison Nation” by Beth Richie

Saturday, September 04, 2021

NOW What Will White Womyn Do To End Racism?: Zoom gathering "The antiracist lens and feminism"

Last week, one of us brought up the need to do more work on our individual racism.

We've been talking about the ways in which we can/do increase our awareness of & accountability for knowing & eliminating racism.

What is the balance between self-education, self-awareness, and practicing our anti-racism skills?

What about direct action to confront & eliminate racism? To organize other white people to act in community, eliminating racism?

Or using our privilege to share w/those who r the targets of racism.

Are we making any inroads? Or are we grabbing the babies at the bottom of the cliff before they go over instead of climbing up the mountain & ending the practice of tossing the babies over?

Where to put our energy, resources, time, efforts? How do we measure anti-racist "success"?

Come 2moro Sunday & let's tackle these or other things like the disproportionate Texas impact on Black & brown womyn & poor womyn?

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Brief Report back: "NOW What Will White Womyn Do To End Racism?" Zoom Gathering Sunday August 15th

We have often talked about how to decide if we can actually have an anti-racist impact on the most overtly racist white person, as a KKK member, a tRumpite, and evangelists – citing how this is probably a waste of our time and energy, how these people will never change. We give ourselves all kind of permission to allow these folks to slip by, decide not to try communicating, writing them off.

And then along comes Daryl Davis who has spent years of his life seeking out, dialoguing with, and even befriending these dangerous, overt, violent racists. And successfully changing their minds and hearts, asking “How can you hate me when you don’t even know me?”

One womon shared her challenge story that grew into a success: she was tabling for the Urban League, recruiting members for the book group which was to read “White Fragility”. An old angry white man approached her stating “my people came to this country, no body helped us, we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps.”

She said she didn’t know exactly what to say – it’s a mantra that lots of white immigrants claim – so she just listened and tried to ask questions. He kept coming back and in the end, he signed up for the book club – but she worried that maybe she should warn the organizers about him.

When a white person says they came to this country…with nothing or little – our question can be “Oh did you come in chains?” “Were you laid head-to-toe in the belly of a ship chained together?” “Was your language ripped from your throat?” “Were you enslaved for several hundred years?”

MLK pointed out “how can a man pull himself up by is bootstraps if he doesn’t have a pair of boots?”

We talked about white skin currency: how white people never come here with nothing as long as they have white skin. They might not have all the other trappings of capitalism – yet – but they also know that there is a formula in this country and if they follow that formula – work hard, get an education, keep your nose clean – they will make it. By design.

And others will not make it, no matter how they followed the ‘formula’ – because slavery was never outlawed, just the form changed and the institution responsible for perpetuating slavery morphed into prisons.

We started talking a little bit about Haiti but were distracted. We talked about remaining vigilant for those “superiority/inferiority” moments upon which all the isms are built upon.

We talked about how white people are very “uncomfortable” at best, when “white” is stated and not just assumed. On the same side of that coin, how “uncomfortable” white people are when “Black” is stated: “African American” makes them feel so much more comfortable.

And we spend time again rehashing the “best” approaches: vinegar? honey? Tread softly, smash the plexiglas barriers protecting white racism? As we role model each method, we want to have a well-rounded tool box with all these choices but the bottom line is do we tip toe around white fagility or do we confront it? If we see racism as a violent, terrible weapon that is hurting if not killing people, what choice to we really have?

More next week

Resources: Toni Morrison “The Bluest Eye”, “Sula” Isabel Wilkerson: “Caste” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: ”Americanah” Daryl Davis: “Klan-destine Relationships: A Black Man's Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan” 2016 Documentary: “Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America”

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Poverty deaths vs covid

Some estimates of 850 MILLION single use syringes for the u.s.ofa. alone IF further vaccinations are not needed due to new covid strains, over 3 BILLION single use syringes world-wide already dispatched to landfill - or oceanfill - thus far with less than 13.9% of the world's people already vaccinated for a virus that has a 2% fatality rate of those infected?

The worldwide fatality rate of poverty killing children is 22,000 children A DAY die from poverty. That's over EIGHT MILLION young lives a year. Period.

With 2.2 billion children in our great world ONE BILLION live in poverty. That's almost 50%. And that's just the children: their mothers also suffer and die from poverty.

But we care sooooooo deeply about a virus that has a 2% fatality rate and not a condition of poverty that is intentionally created and fostered by our western lifestyles that threatens 50% of our children?

And don't give one flying fuck about the impact on Mother Earth of billions if not trillions of single-use plastic vials on the future life of our planet - let alone masks and gloves and chemicals and medical waste in the development and delivery of those vials, etc?.

I really don't get our priorities. No, what I really don't get is how we allow these priorities to continue.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

"Kids Like Ours"

I recently responded to a post where a mother says that “kids like ours” deserve puberty blockers.

I retorted:

Kids like ours deserve to not have puberty unnaturally medicalized.

Adults can do whatever the hell they want to do to their healthy bodies; children need to be helped through the natural process of puberty and not prevented from maturing.

A hell of a lot more things happen in every body during puberty than ‘just’ developing female or male genitals.

Preventing the medical establishment from making innocent children - who are not mature enough to drink or drive let alone decide to make these permanent, body-altering, life-changing decisions - chemically and surgically dependent on that establishment (who by the way is making millions and soon billions off our children) is NOT anti-trans as that powerful white male lobby would have us swallow but is embracing our adult responsibilities of loving and protecting our children deeply and completely enough to allow them to experience natural maturity and growth.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Brief Report Back “NOW What Will White Womxxn Do To End Racism?” Zoom Gathering Sunday July 4th

We began with our usual intros: our most recent ‘success’ in challenging racism or practicing our anti-racism skills; and our most recent ‘trial’ challenging or missing our opportunity to challenge racism.

We continued briefly our conversation about whiteness and wanting to have a ‘secret’ handshake or code words or another way to easily identify those white people committed to anti-racism – and to stand out, separate from other tRumper white womyn. At the same time owning and being accountable for the privileges and superiority we’ve been showered with and share with all white people.

A major focus of our discussion revolved again around how we take personal responsibility for addressing racism that happens in our presence and/or within our relationships with Black and brown womyn. When we make that horrific weaponized racist action or remark or unconscious unintentional assumption/viewpoint.

How do we embody always being aware of race and never being aware of race, if we do. We expounded on our white feelings of not being able to relax within our relationships with Black or brown womyn and the origin of those feelings. Do we attribute that inability to relax as our burgeoning awareness of how much racism we carry and weaponize through relating? Or to our labeling the attitudes of Black womyn as hostile, defensive, attacking?

We discussed feeling “beat up” when we are confronted with our racism; as well as challenging that confrontation: could this Black person be mistaken, after all we didn’t mean to be racist. What if we disagree and think our friend or colleague or neighbor is mistaken. If white people don’t challenge Black people re:racism, is that not also racist?

We discussed why and how white people think we are the ‘experts’ on racism, so much so we can inform a person of color they are wrong or ‘enlighten’ them – and how this is part of what we mean about racist white privilege.

We talked about our anti-racism job is to listen to Black womyn, to hear, to accept, to change our behavior accordingly – and to take our feelings to a group of white people like on our zoom gathering instead of laying those feelings on the very people who are caring enough to call us on our racism.

So moving from feelings of “beat up” to feelings of embracing accountability for racism. People of color are the experts on racism. Period. If we have the kind of relationship with a Black or brown person, and if we are aware enough of our own racism, asking questions to clarify & come to a great understanding might be part of that relationship. If not, bring those questions to a zoom like ours.

We also talked a little about the timing of challenging racism: how much of the white person’s personal life and circumstances do we take in before deciding to challenge their racism. Some of us felt it is important to wait in some cases of extreme distress or unrelated difficult circumstances before challenging racism. Others felt that there is never a “right time” – it just doesn’t come. To be continued.

Resources Apology that is not an apology

“Indian schools” circa 2019

“What to the slave is the 4th of July” by Fredrick Douglas

The ‘other’ ways in addition to legal slavery white people made sure Black people would never be ‘free’ in this country:

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Brief Report Back “NOW What Will White Womxxn Do To End Racism?” Zoom Gathering Sunday June 27th

We began with our usual intros: our most recent ‘success’ in challenging racism or practicing our anti-racism skills; and our most recent ‘trial’ challenging or missing our opportunity to challenge racism. On the table were: 1) Black womon stating “don’t call me ‘sis’ white womon”; 2) white womyn’s un/comfort relating with brown and Black people; and at the forefront of most of our consciousness 3) children’s graves in Canada; and lastly but also first, 4) police and white privilege.

1) This led to a discussion about what we as white womyn want and/or need from Black or brown womyn: wanting to be seen as a ‘different’ white person, not wanting to be lumped together with all whites. On the one hand, knowing we are a small minority of all whites who are ‘different’ from other whites, yet on the other hand knowing we have benefitted as have all whites from racism.

Why should we expect Black/brown womyn to see us differently because we WANT to be seen different from the 54% of white womyn who voted for tRump? The privilege of calling Black/brown womyn ‘sister’ is the same privilege as labeling ourselves “allies”, even though we want to be the ones exercising those privileges, we can not. Only Black/brown womyn have that right to invite white womyn to be and use “sister” and “ally” with them.

Continuing next week: How DO we distinguish ourselves from other white people? How do we support and follow the leadership and needs of Black/brown womyn?

2) Again, we examined our feelings when attempting to be the help and support we are trying to be. As the role as “white savior” is a very comfortable one on the one hand, on the other hand when offering to play a ‘supporting’ role but feelng the discomfort of that role – even when Black/brown people are welcoming and accepting. .=

We examined our feelings of “walking on eggs shells”. The abnormality of white people to have to interact with Black/brown people on any level – personal, community, work – let alone white people having to interact conscious of the racism we wield, contributes to this ‘walking on egg shells’ sensation. We know it is our privilege to choose not just when but IF we want to be aware of and accountable for racism. W

e reframed this “walking on eggshells” to walking with white awareness of racism.

Pat Parker’s edict for white womyn: “Never remember I am Black while you never forget I am Black”.

How white people need to feel the discomfort, we need to never ‘forget’ we are white but must always be on guard for the tiny and huge ways in which racism has/is infiltrating our every being while holding ourselves accountable for minimizing racism at the least, smashing it at most.

3) We talked about the terror of “Indian schools” and the horror of murder of children whose graves were recently uncovered. How this genocidal racial-cleansing practice of stealing children from their mothers and communities neither began nor ended here, from the very beginning of our country (and Canada and every country around the world where white people colonized and destroyed the original peoples of that land).

How can we not feel shame, guilt, anger? Maybe “Indian schools” and the legal enslavement of Black people are no longer here but they’ve not ended just morphed into other, often more camouflaged practices.

So the historical shame only underlies the present shame. One such practice, with the closure of “Indian schools”, was then to then adopt babies out of Native families and communities and place them into white homes. But what if you were one of those white families who didn’t realize you were being used by this institutional racist practice, who thought and believed you were doing the right, moral, helpful, just thing?

To this day, white families go into countries if not communities devastated by u.s.ofa. economic practices and take the babies, believing they are doing right, moral, helpful, providing the especially white u.s.ofa. benefits of our lifestyle.

This led into a broader discussion of our individual, personal responsibility as whites to individuals we have often unknowingly and with the best ‘intentions’, participated in hurting them, through our unexamined if not buried deeply racism.

How do we make amends? How or do we say “I made a mistake”, “I didn’t know” or merely “I hear you, I’m sooooo sorry”. How to re/build connections after engaging in un/known racism that not just damages another person but undermines at best your relationship.

More for next week!

4) Police: we know that white people have a very ‘special’ relationship with the police and not ‘just’ that we can and do call them, and not ‘just’ for minor complaints that we would never call in on white people.

We talked about the young girl who put up a lemonade stand in the park and police were called. How white children have the “police are your friend” relationship, “police will help you”; and she had the “I might be killed” terror inflicted upon her.

We talked about using our white privilege to confront police, challenge their actions, whip out our phones and record (or pretend to record) them; but first of all to ask the detained person if they are alright, if they need help.

Another aspect of white privilege is the mere ‘friendly’ talking with police because of our white skin – a divide and conquer tactic that is used especially in protests. How we can refuse to ‘friendly’ engage until they have laid down their weapons or hold “disarm police” signs – or paint on t-shirt!

Recommended reading: "Black Women's History of the United States" by Daina Ramey Berry and Kali Nicole Gross

Monday, June 21, 2021

Brief Report Back: "NOW What Will White Womxxn Do To End Racism?" Sunday June 20th

We began our check in tonite by answering two questions: 1) since it’s been almost four months since we zoomed, what action did you take since the last time we met that enabled you to dismantle white supremacy and/or support Black/brown lives? And 2) What is most pressing currently, foremost on your mind/action concerning dismantling racism? 

Most of us talked about becoming much clearer on exactly how we have personally benefitted from racism, mostly through self-education, reading, documentaries – continuing to educate ourselves and working with the various grass-roots and community organizations locally in our places of residence.

Most pressing on the table was:

1)     The attack on voting rights

2)     The attack on Critical Race Theory

3)     The continuing fight to release those imprisioned under marijuana drug charges

Several of us live in states where the attack on voting rights has already been solidified in law or proposed in the legislature. Those of us not living in those states talked about still attempting to influence legislatures, writing letters to politicians and media, seeking out, being aware and supporting of local actions.

We talked about how blatantly the white male power establishment is not even attempting to disguise their attacks on one of the most touted and embraced tenets of democracy, the right to vote, in their rush to legalize more voter suppression.

We spent a few moments talking about the very slow release of those people imprisoned under old drug laws that are now no longer illegal, how racist those laws were in the first place, and even how racist the ‘recent’ push to legalize marijuana use due to the increase in white people using and wanting to use without threat of imprisonment – and how that movement to legalize marijuana could/should have been to legalize ALL drugs and release ALL those imprisoned for ‘illegal’ drug use.

But mostly we discussed the continuing and growing uproar resulting in actual legislation concerning the teaching of truth, historical and present-day truths, of Critical Race Theory – including the misnomer ‘theory’ should be ‘fact’ instead.

8 states have already passed legislation banning CRT from public education, 25 states have proposed some form of banning CRT. tRump already targeted the teaching of the 1619 Project and signed an executive order to continue the racist, sexist lies and myths about the historical and present-day status of the u.s.

We talked about how perhaps, with this uproar, something must be changing – as the CRT was developed in the early 70’s, starting with lawyers and the legal community challenging the racism inherent in u.s. ‘law’, which is supposed to be so fair and just. The theory expanded to identify every other u.s. institution and society laden with racism, continuing today – even without the support of individuals.

Getting white people to just admit we are racist clears the way for examining how we benefit/ted from racism and what we can do about it. Once that hurdle is cleared, dialogue can ensue as  well as actions. The white uproar against CRT is just another form of blatant racism protecting white superiority and privilege. Embracing the racist mantra silencing the mere discussion, when white people claim “talking about racism is divisive” so we don’t have to look at how racism is the divisive thing.

We expressed our frustration with and tensions between both 1) talking is not enough; and 2) talking with white people is vitally important. The ‘sudden’ and increased attack against CRT is yet another attempt to make the conversation about racism and identifying the myths and lies of our country missing from education while continuing to perpetuate those lies and myths.

We attempted a short role play re:how to address the overt racist denying the existence of slavery to the maybe not so overt racist objecting to CRT. Asking them to be specific, questioning exactly what they mean. The times to merely say “you’re wrong and you know it” while striding away, or to continue putting energy into impacting behavior.

Recognizing part of white privilege IS we don’t have to continue engaging re:racism if we decide not to; we can choose when we decide to deal with racism or not.

We talked briefly about different ways to address the “white tears” person and  the white person who takes the ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’ path, talking about just love everyone, etc. – and how this enables her to avoid facing white privilege and benefits brought to us by racism – that antiracism calls “spiritual bypassing”. We will put these and more on the table to role play options for addressing this kind of racism for next week.

 Anya is offering a google doc she made so we can put all our resources onto one document - see under below!


Antiracism daily:

Heather McGhee “The Sum of Us” – and being interviewed by Kendi in podcast:

Anya: Link to Google Doc for everyone to add anti-racism resources to:

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Quarter Page Info Sheet: "Puberty Blockers Are Child Abuse. PERIOD" one side; and "Equality" Act: allowing men into women's spaces = MISOGYNY

This is the third set of quarter page info sheets - contact me for the original sheet to download and copy 

Side #1 of third quarter page info sheet:

Puberty Blockers Are Child Abuse. PERIOD.


WHY are we allowing the medical and mental health industries to not just lie to our children but to make thousands of dollars off mutilating their healthy body parts and tethering them to a life-long dependency on the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment. Follow the money.


“Blocking” puberty means destroying the natural healthy maturation of a child’s body: something she or he will NEVER recover nor be able to continue with, once stopped. Puberty will not restart.


Girls’ bodies are put into immediate MENOPAUSE; boys bodies are chemically castrated


EVERY cell in our bodies contain our sex chromosomes that wait to get the signal during puberty and ALL THRU LIFE to grow, mature, function properly: therefore, these drugs interfere with cognitive abilities, normal bone mineralization, infertility, maturation of sex organs, sexual pleasure, increase stroke risk, increase likelihood of dementia – and more


NO ONE can change their sex; ANYONE can embrace, abandon, or create any gender presentation he or she wants, without threat, discrimination, ridicule.


A phalloplasty is not a penis; castrating males does not make them female.


Why are we paying for female genital mutilation and amputation of a girl’s breasts before those breasts even have the opportunity to naturally develop?


You cannot change sex: you can mutilate the hell out of your genitals, but you can’t change the sex chromosomes that are all throughout the human body, brain, toenails etc


Transitioning bodies ONLY benefit surgeons and pharmaceutical companies

Side #2

“Equality” Act: allowing men into women’s spaces = MISOGYNY


The present “equality act” opens women’s sports, women’s spaces, women’s scholarships, women’s opportunities – designed to combat sexism – to men.


“Equality” act takes away the rights of women and girls to merely acknowledge biological facts and say those facts in public.


“Equality” act forces girls and women to see and accept boys and men as women and girls; and says something is wrong with us when we refuse to deny biology as well as our sex class if we don’t submit to this fantasy.


“Equality”act conflates gender with sex thereby eliminating protections based on both sex and sexual orientation.


“Equality” act makes “gender identity” a legal thing instead of providing protections for gender non-conforming folks


“Equalty” act destroys the rights of young female athletes to compete solely against females, destroying the intent and purpose Title IX, which was fought for and secured in 1972 – so for less than 50 years girls and women have had rights based on our sex.


Men’s claim to be women, does not entitle them to women’s spaces, women’s sports teams – and definitely does not entitle them to call themselves women and force others to play along with this delusion                                           


It is NOT necessary, fair, nor desirable to provide protection for gender non-conforming 

Quarter page info sheet: "Biological FACT is not BIGOTRY" one side; "You May Be Hearing It Said..." the other side

 Again, contact me for original 4 up sheets to make flyers from & I will email to you

Side #1 second flyer

Biological FACT is not BIGOTRY


Females are conceived as a female zygote with those xx chromosomes, develop as a female fetus, are born with female anatomy, survive girlhood and grow into a woman. Females cannot ever, never, ever become a man. Males are conceived as male zygote, with those xy chromosomes, develop as a male fetus, are born with male anatomy, grow through boyhood into men. Males can never ever ever become a woman.



Women do not have to ‘transition’ to be women, we are born that way. Sex is determined at conception: gender is ‘assigned’ at birth and continued throughout life to enforce a racist, sexist patriarchy.


Men’s claim to be women does not entitle them to women’s spaces, women’s sports teams, women’s services – and definitely does not entitle them to call themselves women and force others to play along with this delusion, at best; worse, an appropriation of female class by the perpetrator of violence and domination of women and girls.


Conflating sex with gender is misogyny: sex is a biological fact; gender is a social construct based on sex, meant to define and control through stereotypes, roles, domination and subjugation, both women and men.                                    


Saying men cannot be women is NOT PROMOTING VIOLENCE. Threatening womenwith rape, death, abuse, doxing, canceling, pushing and shoving IS VIOLENCE


Resources: Youtube: You’re Kidding Right?

Side #2 Second flyer

You May Be Hearing It Said….


·         Transwomen are women or TWAW – FALSE

If a man or boy identifies with and is more comfortable with the society’s sex-based stereotypical ‘female gender’ presentation, this does not alter his dna one little bit: he remains a boy or man.


·         You can be born in the “wrong body” – FALSE

NO ONE is born in the ‘wrong body’. Everyone retains their natal sex – no matter how many genital mutilation surgeries, how many toxic artificial hormones, how closely you’re able to embrace and pass as a female or male gender stereotype, how many women you bully and silence, your natal sex remains the same as the day you were conceived.


·         Women and girls who protect and support female-only spaces, sports, services

are transphobic unless they ‘include’ men/boys who identify as women or girls – FALSE

Championing the rights of women and girls, centering and empowering females, providing safe space free from male intrusion, is not about men nor their rights.


·         Sex is ‘assigned’ at birth – FALSE

Sex is determined at conception; GENDER is the only thing assigned at birth, beginning with the pink or blue blanket, and continues to grow with what society determines to be ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’




Quarter page info sheet: "Feminism in the age of misogyny" one side; "All Things Feminist" other side

Message me or leave request in comments if you want the 4 up, two sided original to make flyers from - send your email so I can email it to you.

Here's the first one: 

Side #1, first flyer

Feminism in this age of misogyny

Do you know that women who are merely raising our voices about something that is wrong are getting attacked? Women who are merely stating biological fact, like only women have cervixes, only women menstruate, only women breast feed, get pregnant are subjected to rampant deplatforming?


Why are women’s concerns about safety and rights to public life at first dismissed, then silenced, ridiculed, and way too often physically attacked?


Simply by stating physical facts and asserting our rights to be comfortable and safe on social media, in public spaces, at events, and yes even in bathrooms, women are being targeted by a certain segment of the transgender domination community and their minions.


Assaults on women attempting to gather in public spaces and/or simply expressing ourselves on social media, abuse twitter, etc., allows, include things like name-calling, threats, and misogynist/racist hatred like:

“Suck my cock” “B-word” “N-word” “Fuck You” “Bigot” “Transphobe”

Doxing; Stalking; Threats of Rape & Death

Shut down; Censored; Silenced; Canceled


Resources: Youtube: You’re Kidding Right?

Side #2 first flyer

All things feminist


One of the basic, fundamental, rudimentary imperatives of feminism from the very beginning, pre-transagenda is “Change Society NOT Your Body


Why are we telling girls they have to see boys as girls or else there’s something wrong with her?


As a class, for centuries and still, women are viewed as sex objects for and by men along with our other intended ‘social role’ as baby maker.


All womyn around the world and in the u.s.ofa. are still subjected to female sex class oppression such as but not limited to: child marriage, genital mutilation, forced marriage, lack of access to birth control and abortion to control women’s sexuality), a pay gap, period shaming; body parts shaming, sex trafficking; targets of male violence and domination.


Allowing men into women’s spaces deeply misogynist and too often dangerous for women and girls and cost women access to education, scholarship, opportunities recently fought for and secured, in order to coddle the feelings of men

"If we don't fight together, they'll kill us separately".

Si No Luchamos Juntas, Nos Mataran Por Separado

Thursday, June 17, 2021

“NOW What Will White Wombn Do To End Racism?”


Zoom gathering 4p.m. pst/7pm eastern Sunday June 20th 

So now what?

It’s been over a year since Breonna Taylor was murdered and George Floyd was crushed to death in front of our whole nation’s eyes.

And almost a year since the media coverage of the continuing police violence and murder has trickled to practically not even a footnote, if mentioned at all.

And yet, police murders of Black wombn, youth, men are not ‘just’ persisting but increasing even.

And white attention let alone empathy or willingness to act is rapidly dwindling. In fact, white approval of Black Lives Matter has sunk lower than pre-covid January 2020 levels.

Did we mention accountability? How are white wombn holding ourselves accountable for smashing racism, let alone for pursuing justice while instituting reparations and restitution? What resources are we sharing, especially when we perceive our own selves as “poor” or strugging?

How about the increasing white uproar concerning Critical Race ‘Theory’ – which should be Critical Race FACTS. For those of us who know the truth of CRT, what is our responsibility in confronting other white people who are denying or attacking CRT?

And it’s been almost four months since we’ve zoomed together. I’m sure we’ve been reading, educating ourselves, continuing our personal and political actions, honing our anti-racism skills – so let’s catch up! And jump start our zooms!

To join, please use the same zoom link we’ve always used. If you are new or have forgotten it, message me or email ButWhatCanIDo2018 at gmail for the link!

For a glimpse into one of our last zoom gathering:

"But Can We Work Together, Though" Nicole Smith

"Can Black women and White women Be True Friends?" Kim McLarin

"The White Woman: The Black Woman's Nemesis" by Francoise Berguss

“Ain’t I a Woman” bell hooks

“The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” Audre Lorde

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Saving current lives while ensuring the destruction of future lives...

 Do you think about the impact on Mother Earth and the next generations that millions if not billions of discarded covid vaccine needles/vials/etc will have, let alone the tons of waste created in the process of manufacturing, shipping, storing, distributing? 

So certain present-day humans will live but Mother Earth won't survive? 

Because western power mentality and purpose is not about protecting Mother Earth AND human lives, but about greed and making that holy buck whatever the cost to life and our planet. And of ranking certain of our lives as SOOOOOO much more important than survival of the planet and people.

There HAS to be a better way. We MUST find a better way. 

Sunday, June 06, 2021

Who pays you

 A few dayz ago, I was attempting to buy a used mini refrigerator for my camper from a tall, kinda jovial shaved head older white guy who was fixated on my "Refugees Welcome" sign. The fridge won't fit in the exact space I need it to fit in but by this time, we're having a kinda friendly conversation.

When he gets to to "Now don't get me wrong...." I breathe deep and prepare to attempt to hold his hand (not case this reader doesn't know me) and lead him toward justice.

"I think those people should be allowed into the country but look at the terrible things they're doing at the border, those people. Besides, I didn't see a poor one among them."

OMG what to focus on so I ask him if he's ever been to the border. He pinks a tiny little bit and says "well no".

"I have" I say and he kinda stands up taller with a slight nod. "These people, these human beings are desperate: some to escape poverty, most to escape extreme violence in their countries, some only seeking the quality of life you and I have in this country."

He repeats his "I've seen them on tv and they are dressed like they are wealthy." I tell him judging people's poverty or wealth by the clothes they wear is not really a good indicator, given both the fact that we dump so much almost perfect clothes in other people's countries, but also that people fleeing know that they HAVE to look their 'best' if they will even be considered for asylum, let alone treated as a valued human being.

Furthermore, I point to my keen shoes, I paid $15 for these $150 sandals. A better indicator would be to look at a person's (lack of) teeth, how (non) obese they are (like 46% of u.s.ofa. adults are), look into their eyes, their face, the curve of their backs.

But lastly, are you pretending that the people at the border have any where close to the resources you or I have?

He can only retort with "they need to end the legal way."

I ask him "and what way is the legal way?"

Of course, he doesn't know but guesses they should go to the courthouse and apply.

I ask him if he's ever gone to a courthouse to do anything and to imagine attempting to go to a courthouse in the u.s. when you don't speak the language to the standard most usofa'ers demand.

He's feeling really comfortable with me I guess because he abruptly changes the subject, asking me if it's alright if he asks me something.

Of course it is.

He steps a bit closer and towers over me a bit taller, grinning uncomfortably. "Tell me the truth, okay?"

Immediately I am remembering my grandchild asking me the same question, with the same demand and apprehension behind it when asking me to tell him the truth about how real santa claus is.

The male wants to know instead if I'm getting paid to be this activist.

I can't help laughing in his face. But I answer him seriously. "No, no one pays me."

But this week, now that I've broken down close to Philly almost 3000 miles from my home base, I realize I should have answered this tall white guy differently.

For I - and my grandchild who is traveling with me - have not only been taken into her home, but have been chauffeured back and forth and around - anywhere we need to go, cooked for and provided meals and snacks and all we can eat, drink, have given us beautiful, comfortable beds to sleep in and bathrooms to use - and not just for one night, as everyone originally thought would happen, but now for almost a week. Plus handed me her credit card.

I met Celina at the Walgreens parking lot when I had stopped to go pee before heading to the 'detention' center i.e. jail to protest the separation from their mothers and incarceration of children refugees. She was also stopping with a carload of sistar commadres also taking a bathroom break before heading to the demonstration.

And this is not the first time strangers, near strangers, chosen family, friends around the country and at home have taken me in, provided for me, and supported me.

So in a very real way, I do get paid for what I do!

Friday, June 04, 2021

Last resort

The whole day has gone by with no word re:my truck. I've spoken with my amazing mechanic in Atlanta, Derrick, who first suggests the mechanics here in PA look at the filter in the banjo bolts - so now I know where the banjo bolts are located (on the feed line from the diesel tank to the injection pump). Then he tells me to just get the truck running and drive back to Atlanta. He is sure his shop can fix for me.

I will save this as a very, very, very last resort. 

I'm very suspicious I might have bought some bad oil. Actually, I've had almost a year and a half of veggie oil challenges - which is quite an accomplishment when you consider my RRB has been parked for at least a year of that time.

Last February, I was doing some wee hours of the moonless early morning driving thru New Mexico, seeing all the "beware: dust storm" signs so when I saw little greyish particles being buffeted against the windshield by high winds, I was preparing myself for a dust storm. Pull over. Don't put your foot on the brake. Turn off engine. Wait.

But soon, I realized the particles were way too uniform and floating when the wind ceased. I rolled down my window and realized it was fuckin snow.

Snow, ice, cold is the enemy of veggie oil. I attempted to immediately turn down the veg oil and start running on diesel but it was way too late. RRB complained vigorously, bucking, and groaning, and almost stalling out before I reached the rest stop. She did run off the freeway, onto the road leading into the rest stop and completely stalled, enabling me only to pull quickly over in between two 18 wheelers and a bank of snow.

I don't think that veggie oil ever recovered from that incident - even though I replaced the injection pump. But that first injection pump was installed wrong, with the filter at the output instead of input before the pump, allowing non-fuel particles in, destroying it yet again.

Now I'm wrestling with that same veggie oil - 300 gallons - that looked pristine when I bought it and now looks cloudy and is clogging my filters way too fast.

I'm hoping, once I get RRB on the road, my veggie oil fellow here will still be willing to pump the bad oil out, and fill me with good oil. I've never had a bad bunch of oil from him - so cross fingers.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Eight hours at $115/hour and still not fixed....GRRRRR

After cooking us a huge, delicious breakfast, Celina drops me off at my truck early this morning to continue the mission of getting my vehicle back on the road. This time I have reconsidered getting her towed (it would probably make my roadside insurance go up anyway) and instead call a mobile service.

The hour of billing begins when the truck leaves the station - so if they run into traffic, tough luck. It takes hims half an hour to arrive by noon. It's always a cliff moment when particularly white men see my truck for the first time.

This guy is struggling to remain expressionless as he pulls in next to me, jumps out his sprinter van, and listens while I tell him what's wrong and everything I've done to try to fix the problem. He smiles then and calls me part admiring, part condescending, a true MacGyver. 

Then starts the crank crank crank, spray, priming, tightening hoses, replacing hoses, testing injectors - at least I now know how to open the injectors and test if they're all firing with fuel - which they are. Crank crank crank - no dice; spray and up she starts. Turn her off, and she refuses to restart.

Finally the starter, making loud clanks, dies. So Marv has to find another starter, go get it, return and put it in. All at $115 an hour.

Once he leaves, returns, and replaces the starter, we begin again. This time he's looking for an air leak and testing fuel pressure. He replaces several old veggie oil fuel lines, for which I am grateful as I now do not have to do it. 

But it doesn't fix the problem. I tell him the next time he sprays the air filter and she starts, I want to drive the truck to the shop. By this time the beginning of the promised storm has started to shower infrequent drops on us but the sky is getting blacker and blacker and the winds are picking up.

Plus it is now after 5pm so the hourly rate goes up to $130/hour.

$1600 later, the heavens have opened up, my RRB is in the muddy yard, almost every inch of which is covered by many other bigger trucks and rvs, and Celina once again is picking me up and driving me back to her home.

And RRB is stuck there, waiting for someone to figure out what is wrong.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Stuck at Wawa

 Okay so at least I made it to a gas station. I was on Rte #1 - another poor decision as I should have stayed on the interstate instead of avoiding the tolls by heading to the beautiful but hilly and small with no shoulder, two lane country road. Not even a gas station or home let alone side street or driveway - a dam though and the greenest hills and meadows and trees.

About 10 miles from my veggie oil guy and also 10 miles from my chosen family that we are supposed to visit, I stop to fill up on diesel as I'm almost empty. When I turn the key to go, the engine cranks and cranks and cranks and refuses to catch - even with Mujasi spraying the stinky starter fluid into the air filter.

And thus the search for a diesel mechanic begins.

I am maybe 20 miles west of Philly so not totally deep into white republican even KKK land of the rest of Pennsylvania but still, it is challenging to find a diesel mechanic. 

I begin by asking the guys stopping for gas, driving trucks that are comparable to mine if they're local and if so, do they know of any diesel mechanics they trust.

In between other trucks coming and going, I start googling. The closest shop I find is 9 miles away - 9 country miles = 28 minutes. I call them and talk with the owner Jason. He doesn't drop the phone or hang up when he hears my voice and finds out I run veggie oil. He doesn't have either the means to come to me nor the means to tow me, but he thinks he can fix the truck.

So now I call my road service insurance to get towed to Jason's. After waiting 45 minutes for them to arrange a tow that is coming in another 30 minutes, it's close to 5pm and Jason closes at 7pm. Before I can begin to act, the tow company calls me and says they can't tow me. Supposedly they couldn't understand the heavily-accented person on the phone and thought I had a small car.

Really???? I asked them if they didn't have someone in the shop who spoke Thai? GRRRRRR 

I call my insurance company back and talk with the young man who cancels the first tow order and assures me he'll find another company. I start to look also and make calls to find out which ones can tow my camper and also are Allstate providers. 

Then I find the original tow company on google and see that they DO tow campers and trucks. I call my insurance guy back - another annoying venture as the 800 number is in a loop asking me if I want an update or to cancel and not giving me the option to talk with a real person....

Finally I cancel my order and call back. Fortunately, Peter answers and tells me he has called 50 tow companies in the area and can't find one that will tow my truck. I know he's probably reaching mostly racist white people who won't take the time to try to understand him. I volunteer to call myself, which he seems happy to have me intercede.

The tow company agrees to tow my vehicle and gives me the contact info so I call Peter back and let him know. After another 45 minutes, I get a call from Peter saying this company wants to charge more than what Allstate road service is prepared to pay. Then he suggests he contact his supervisor to get approval.

By now it is too late as I would arrive at Jason's after he's closed and hasn't answered my call about leaving her there after hours.

So I decide to find a couple of strong folks to push my truck away from the pump island and into a parking place at the border of the lot.

The only folks at the pump now are two guys in a pickup truck with a trailer hauling a lawnmower. I am able to speak Spanish "puedes ayudme empujar mi casa camion por favor" - "es facil" I reassure. First the driver says he has hurt his finger as he leans across the seat and shows a bandaged pointer finger. Then he asks me what is wrong. 

He and his passenger leave their vehicle at the pump and come over to open my cab and jump on the engine to see what he can do to fix it.

After trying to prime the fuel and spray the ether, and look at a few more bolts and hoses, he then motions his friend over and we push the truck toward the parking area. He wants me to put the truck in 2nd gear and pop the clutch, seeing if she will start that way.

She stays stubbornly off. By this time I'm resigned to leaving my Radical Ride Baby parked overnight at the Wawa. The employees I've come in contact with are friendly and assure me she will be safe and allowed to stay there overnight.

My dearest wonderful generous sistar Celina has come out to pick us up. She also translates my terrible Spanish so the guys that are helping me understand what I've been trying to say. Before Eloy leaves, he gives me the numbers of two diesel mechanics he knows but doesn't know their names.

Celina heads immediately to get Mujasi sushi and then takes us to her lovely home where she makes another meal and prepares a bedroom for us. We are SOOOOOOO fortunate!

Be realistic: DEMAND the impossible

A young, pillsbury-ish white man dressed in the polyester garb of the gas station worker approaches me saying he has something else for me that I need to paint on my truck.

As I'm stuck at one of the diesel pumps, I bite off my 'normal' response- "go paint your own damn truck" but smile stiffly as all the fuckin maga slogans flash behind my eyeballs like the neon billboards.

Instead I attempt to appear interested as I ask "oh yeah, what's that?"

He actually (mis) quoted Che Guevara & said "know what is realistic and ask for the impossible"

"Be realistic: DEMAND the impossible"

Not bad for a young very low-wage (for white males at least) worker in rural, republican, mostly white Pennsylvania town. 

He steps a little closer & confides in me that he loves the 60's & believes this quote is from 1968. Of course, the minute he says 1968, the assassination of MLK blazes across my mind.

He bids me farewell as I get a phone call from the tow company. A little later he comes back and lets me know he's leaving for the day.

I would like to have talked with him more but now I'm talking with the insurance company that is supposed to provide roadside service for me. 

"God speed" he whispers as he waves. At least he didn't say "god bless you" so I'd have to give him my "lesbians bless you" retort.