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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! I am on my mobile version of the door-to-door, going town-to-town holding readings/gatherings/discussions of my book "But What Can I Do?" This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels since 9/11 as I engage in dialogue and actions. It is steaming with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society we want ALL to thrive in

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Suggested Teams beginning...






Media team:

1)     Make list of media outlets, including print, radio, tv, social, etc.

2)    Develop, update, distribute press releases

3)    Suggest ‘standard’ press release able to be adapted once ride begins

4)    Train and designate press representatives



Legal team:

1)     Locate and alert legal resources nationally and locally

2)    Make legal contact numbers and names available for participants

3)    Liaison between any arrestees and legal help

4)    Train and designate legal observers for every action



Info Team:

1)     Paint banners, signs, artwork for Ride

2)    Quarter page info sheets to educate and hand out to local observers, onlookers

3)    Make clear chart/map of Ride route with dates and times for departing, arriving, and actions as well as clear meet-up locations

4)    Collate chant and song sheets for participants



Logistics Team:

1)     Locate, collate contact info of potential national support including rad fem groups, on-hands services groups/organizations, wombn/organizations (if any) already doing the work

2)    Reach out to possible local support as places (churches, parks, campgrounds) which might be willing to house, feed, provide gathering venues, etc. – get the lay of the land

3)    Research along route rest stops and other potential places to reconnect in case the caravan is separated, to eat, pee, rest



Documentarian Team:

1)     Organizing video, sound, print info

2)    Interviewing participants

3)    Interviewing responses

4)    Collecting contact info




Media Team:

1)     Issue press releases 24 hours in advance of Ride arrival

2)    Make early morning press calls prior to local actions/arrivals/departures

3)    Arrange interviews on local radio, TV, print prior to actions

4)     Update website, blog, whatever source we’re using for publicity/current info



Info Team:

1)     Coordinate printing of materials to hand out along route

2)    Designate a central location vehicle for pickup and return of banners, signs, materials to hand out and left overs



Logistics and Communications Team:

1)     Fact, ‘go-to’, and rumor control headquarters – know what/where/when/who everything is happening as well as who needs what, what’s missing, etc.






Media Team:

1)     Make sure press releases have gone out, early morning calls made

2)    Designate press liaisons for particular action



Legal Team:

1)     Contact local legal help, put on alert

2)    Collect contact list of participants willing to act as designated legal observers

3)    Liaison between designated legal observers, any arrestees or wombn willing to risk arrest, police and jail – not that there will be arrests but to not be caught unaware and unprepared



Info Team:

1)     Time keepers, getting folks info on time, location, action info

2)    Distribute materials, including chant sheets, maps, coordinators numbers

3)    Know designated legal observers, press contacts, police and disruptor team members

4)    Recruit megaphone volunteers



Logistics Team

1)     Have water containers filled, snacks ready, compost/recycle/garbage bins (either set up various locations along route to refill bottles, hand out snacks or have a couple little red wagons w/supplies, etc)

2)    Provide support for liaisons and designated team members

3)    Sidewalk, street security - ?Block intersections until all have passed if marching in the streets



Resource Team:

1)     Identify medics, counselors, support folks

2)    Police liaison designated

3)  Centering Wombn  NegotiatingTeam to handle TRA's and instigator, infiltrator




Post Action:

1)     Debriefing: what worked, issues, improvements

2)    Sharing stories: why you joined? What is happening in your communities? Where are you finding support?

3)    Recruiting

THE RIDE: Suggested Agreements

Suggestions of Feminist/Womonist Agreements For Working Together

First and foremost: we are centering women and girls, females and our sex-based rights. All participants read, commit to, and sign 4 part pledge

We are a women-led, women-run, women-only Ride and action. 

We will designate teams to handle TRAs, police, infiltrators as well as press and spokeswomen

We will be videoing, recording, photographing this public action and will designate certain areas/times/places where women who do not want to be recorded can gather

Every woman and girl is responsible for herself, including asking for help/support if she needs or wants anything.



We embrace womonist/feminist values of: deeply honoring wombn’s leadership, especially the leadership of Black and brown wombn; cooperation, compassion, anti-racism, problem-solving, critical thinking/listening, valuing diversity, compromising, kindness, and using our words.


We accept that every wombn or girl we’re working with has a good heart and is trying their best to work on these difficult obstacles we are facing, even if/when they are making ‘mistakes’. We acknowledge that conflict will arise and we are committed to resolving conflict and not allowing our conflicts to detract from our actions.


We acknowledge that we bring into the group the “isms” from the outside world as well as those that we’ve internalized within ourselves and will work to be as aware and as responsible for the isms we carry to our utmost abilities. We will be open to challenging, examining and changing isms as we recognize them or as they are pointed out to us.


We will be vigilant and aware of “divide and conquer” tactics from without and within.


We will be super flexible and know that things will not necessarily happen exactly as planned but know that everything is a learning experience (and we will evaluate & improve plans for the next time) and together we will be able to handle anything that arises.


We will all do everything in our power to help each other out and work together to provide for our needs. Never-the-less, every womon is responsible for herself (including her feelings): whatever it is that you want to take place, you are the one that makes sure it actually happens - and YOU make it happen the way you want it to, in cooperation with and help from other folks


We agree to be responsible for something only when we're 100% sure we are going to do it (or in case of emergency only, we find someone else to take our place) - we all have to count on each other


We are a team, we work as a team, with individuals or teams willing to bottom-line, coordinate, and be point people – and we rotate these jobs.


Actions are determined by the individuals/teams that decide to do them: if someone doesn’t want to do an action or disagrees, or if they missed the planning sessions, they can express, negotiate, persuade: then either roll up their sleeves and get busy, or get out of the way.


We are in this for the long haul: disagreements, disappointments, feelings hurt, anger, deflated egos NO MATTER WHAT!


We will not allow disruption from inside individuals or the outside world, to undermine our actions and/or community building. WE define who we are & what we want to do; we will not be co-opted by ‘bad’ press, language/purpose of trans domination agenda, etc.


We will be vigilant & aware of attempts to undermine & disparage our work, both from within & without – and we will not allow for the destruction of our cohesiveness, the distraction from our work & goals, the deterring of our focus from building a fierce, strong womon-loving, womon-centered movement


We will not speak poorly, negatively, or discredit any other member of our community, behind people’s backs, on line, to others outside our group. If we have ‘issues’, we will talk with that person directly. If that fails, we will request a conflict resolution team to address & help resolve the issue.


We understand some decisions have herstorically & presently already been made for us, not to exclude newer folks but because of how long some ofus have been working together as well as time constraints limiting input, and other decisions we will have to make as individuals or a group.



Physical day-to-day logistical agreements:

We value & prioritize wherever possible organic, vegetarian food; green practices as minimizing waste by bringing our own water bottle, plate, cup, utensils.


We are scent and chemical-free & use products kind to our bodies and environment. If we smoke tobacco, we do so at least 20 feet from another human.


We are drug (including marijuana) and alcohol free, and will never attend meetings, actions, etc., under the influence of any drug or alcohol.


We will rotate cooking, cleaning, and other shared responsibilities when necessary and applicable.


We will be mindful of time – especially during bathroom breaks, rest stops, or when engaging in conversations with those we meet

We will always be aware that we are on a mission to create and sustain community for wombn to protect the rights of wombn and girls; and act in accordance with that mission, not missing opportunities to grow together, to resolve problems, to create wombn-honoring space, and to encourage like-minded wombn to join us.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

White hypocrisy

It is stunning (NOT) that a 'complaint' from whites objecting to the tearing down of statues of racist, sexist white men is "If statues are torn down, then where will it stop - with art, with science, as the whole country is built on enslaving people and genocide?"
Yet when pointing out that everything white people have has been stolen from the lands and off the backs of enslaved people, white people deny and protest with the "I worked hard, I followed the rule book, I started with nothing and pulled myself up with my own bootstraps".
Interesting (NOT): when defending white cultural icons from uncovering the truth of racism and sexism, and then being torn down, white people know our true history; but when challenged to look at where their wealth came from, white people are blind to the advantages skin color has awarded them with as well as who has been targeted and exploited in order to provide those 'advantages'.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

What we (DON'T) have to put up with....the terf slur conversation

 I posted this to facebook and here is the response of a former friend who tragically spent her professional life supporting and encouraging self-hatred of one's body instead of helping especially girls take that journey through misogyny into female empowerment and self-love, especially of our bodies.

Think on this:
"As all and every single male in our society and every patriarchal society has more status than females in our society, so too do the men who claim they are now 'women' have more status as well than women ourselves."
Of course they do.

Here is the painful conversation we ended up having:

Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
What makes you think that?
  • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk ummmm I'm a wombn & i no misogyny exists

  • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
    Xan Joi
     you seem to be insinuating that trans women have more power than born women and I don't believe that's true.
  • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk omg u want me to count the ways?
  • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
    I've never seen a 12 year old girl pull down her pants in a public bathroom.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk Really? How else does she pee?
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
      Xan Joi
       she goes into the stall and shuts the door I assume.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk & when u were 12 going into ur school bathroom, u felt comfortable with men & boys coming in with u, peeing in the stall next to them, waiting 4 u 2 come out, meeting u by the sink? & u think closing a door affords privacy let alone keeps a woman or girl 'safe'? Any man can simply say he's a woman & now legally follow a girl or woman into a bathroom, a locker room, a battered women's shelter, homeless women's shelter, rape crisis center, even a support group 4 lesbians or women who've miscarried. The Equality Act has demolished wombn & girls sex-based rights fought 4 & secured less than 50 years, not even 5 decades of protections & rights put forth by Title IX by changing 'sex' to fuckin 'gender identity'.
      Surely u can c the potential horrific repercussions for girls & womyn? Or do u think racism & misogyny are dead? Do u actually believe wombn & girls hv achieved equality & r no longer in danger from male violence? Or do u think we hv 2 sacrifice our fight 4 equality & scant protections in order to make the sad men who 'feel' like women & who demand 'inclusion' into wombn's sex-based spaces so we now do not hv the right to even gather 2gether let alone compete with other wombn in sports or for positions set aside for wombn in the attempt to compensate for centuries of racism & misogyny?
      I don't understand Beverly. Ru not aware of this misogynist retaliation to the wombn's liberation movement?
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk & u also never heard of boys laying under the swings or bleachers trying to look up a girl's skirt either nor men who've been arrested for 'video voyerism" or pedophiles, etc etc etc - is this all behind us now so we can act like it's soooooo unimportant for wombn & girls 2 hv safe & sacred spaces where we can create magick? Or maybe u never had that opportunity to empower urself amongst other wombn?

  • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
    And yeah, I know what a terf is.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk yes & I'm surprised u wld attempt to use an alleged 'slur' which u obviously think is a put down. Tired of Explaining Reality to Fuckwits.
  • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
    I have trans friends. Don't try to preach to me.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk this isn't about ur or anyone's trans friends. It's about sex-based rights, centering wombn - NOTHING to do w/men.
    • I have trans friends too, but I wouldn’t come on someone’s page acting a fool and then telling them not to try to preach to me, wtf is that shit even? You came to the teaching, not the other way around, you don’t like it, you leave the convo, you don’t get controlling, telling people how to act on they own post, ffs. 🙄🙄🙄
    • Tallon Kiehn Nuñez
       I love that Tallon - Beverly Booth Lowdermilk came for the teaching! For sure.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
      Xan Joi
       I am sad that patriarchy has hurt you so badly that you cannot see that trans rights and civil rights are inexorably linked. My hope is that you can understand this someday. I question your ability to be a leader for antiracism. Your need to continue to talk at me clearly speaks to what an emotional issue this is for you. Ps. Trans women aren't interested in looking at your panties. They just want to live. Trans women are in danger of getting the shit beat out of them in Men's bathrooms. And to answer your accusation, I do have a women's community that I feel safe in. If a Trans woman wanted to join in, we would welcome her. Bye bye.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk I am going through everything I wrote to you and I can't see one name that I called you, nasty or not. What "nasty" name have I called you?
      • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
        Xan Joi
         Fuckwit was what you said.
      • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk i was translating "terf" for you - you called me a terf

    • Beverly then said something about how I should learn about the 'fluidity and complexity' of the divine female energy and men embracing that female energy for themselves. She has since deleted that ridiculous entry.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk I am a fierce kickass wombn for over 70 years and a lesbian for over 40 years. You REALLY think I don't know the fluidity and complexity of the divine female energy - that I am? But men who embrace society's sex-based stereotypes against females and then claim to 'feel' female and 'identify' as female do know our divinity and know better than I do? And "femininity" is a racist and sexist concept to keep wombn, including strate white wombn, oppressed and controlled. Has the wombn's movement just gone over so many people's heads? Do you remember a sacred tenet of feminism is "Change society, NOT your body" But maybe even most of all Beverly, I know misogyny. I've lived, breathed, studied, researched, dialogued, focused, communed, analyzed, yanked out of me, dismantled, torn down misogyny internally as well as worked on externally destroying it - as I have also racism - and I know that men can never be wombn, nor wombn men. I know that neither drugs nor surgery can turn a men into a wombn and vice versa. Tell me why should that reality be insulting to anyone? Unless you're trying to co-opt and fetishize the female and demolish sex-based rights. There are trans people who know they are men not wombn and still trans. I differentiate between the trans agenda and individuals. I know this trans agenda to demolish the tiny bits of liberation, freedom, empowerment wombn fought for and carved out for ourselves is merely backlash when truth is spoken to power.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk
      I wrote to you on the wrong post but you can find it. TERF is not a slur, it is an Acronym for a philosophy with which I disagree. As I disagree with any bigotry and supremecisborn out of fear
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk if terf has not been designated by the trans agenda as a slur, do you think then it's a positive thing? And what 'philosophy' is that that you disagree/agree with? Your 'philosophy' that wombn do not have the right to gather with wombn? Does that extend to then jews don't have the right to gather with jews? Or trans people don't have the right to gather with trans people? Or is it just wombn who are forced to "include" everyfuckinone because we don't have the right anymore to gather in same-sex spaces? You can call me a merf (I exclude men when I want to), a cerf (I exclude christians when I want to), a serf (I exclude strate wombn when I want to). and p.s. Beverly Booth Lowdermilk I do NOT define myself by who I exclude but the trans agenda is soooooo powerful they can not only turn a wombn's 'philosophy' into a negative thing and pass it on to even strate wombn, but can define me by who I exclude. Like I said, there's a whole alphabet soup of who I, a lowly wombn, fuckin exclude from my home, my events, my spaces.
    • Beverly Booth Lowdermilk it would be funny if it wasn't so obvious you have swallowed the entire trans agenda. "Born out of fear"? REALLY? What possible fear could I have for a trans person? Well, in a way that has a grain of truth: all wombn have good reason to fear men. But the way you have agreed to encompass the "fear" rhetoric of the trans agenda is again, my 'philosophy' of safe, empowering spaces for wombn turned to be about men instead of about centering wombn. I actually fear no fuckin man - well I do fear white men with guns but not any man who wants to step out of his sex-based roles and stereotypes assigned to him at birth. What could possibly be scary about that? I and every single fuckin lesbian knows about stepping out of society's sex-based stereotypes and for many many many years longer than most strate wombn.