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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Agua, Aguacate, and Alma

I have water! Yeah! And it only cost me 50 pesos, which is about $4 – for 160 liters, which I think is about 40 gallons, plus another 10 gallons for my turtle caretaking friends.

Well, I also was the entertainment for people at the water plant! They couldn’t stop laughing at my Spanish.  Oh well, I didn’t practice before I went there so I was stumbling all over myself.

But they understood and filled the tanks up! That’s the important thing.

And the young womon who worked there, the only womon working there I could see, wanted me to bring her to the u.s. or to get her papers so she could go.

I asked her how can I do that? I know womyn who can’t even get their esposa’s papers.

I went exploring around La Cruz after filling up my tanks. There are truck loads of soldiers parked by the plaza, which seems to have few people in it, a couple of vendors, and a huge church with open doors.

I can’t see the commotion. There are also trucks and cars of police riding around. It’s a scary site to see young men in u.s. uniforms holding high-powered rifles casually in front of them, often pointing at people, scowling.

I ignore them, go down the main street of town until the end, park my truck, and get out to go shopping, now that I have water. I quickly come upon a man with a wheelbarrow full of avocados – I buy 4 for 20 pesos, twice what I paid in Los Mochis, but I think they are from the guy’s tree – I HOPE.

 I don’t want to go to the supermercado so I keep looking and finally find the little indoor market that has various vendors set up selling tons of meat but also juice and veggies.

I get cilantro, bananas, more peppers and limes, and a large papaya to share with the tortuga folks.

When I get home, I make guacamole, rice with sweet potatoes, and black beans to share for dinner tonite.

I interview Joana, the young womon from Portugal who volunteers here and speaks several languages, including english. She doesn’t think she speaks very well but obviously she speaks better english than I do Spanish.

She is interesting, energetic, sweet, and beautiful. And she has a friend in Honduras who is working in the mountains and maybe growing organically! She’s going to hook us up.

Tomorrow morning I head to San Ignacias for a day or two, and then back to the ocean, Mazatlan, and my friend Alma!