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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why do we need so much fucking money??? to be continued

I know, we never ask that question - we always tend to ask and further contrive how we are going to get more and more and more money.

I suggest we ask ourselves why the hell do we need so much fuckin money? There are people right now, on this planet right today, who survive on less then $2 a day.

But we in this country have convinced ourselves not only that we HAVE to have at LEAST what thousands of dollars a month in order to 'survive' but also that we DESERVE thousands of dollars a day - no matter what anyone else is living on.

Why don't we visualize our lives spending less then $1000 a month. Just think of the pressure that would be relieved, the stress that would be alleviated should we decide to live on less then a thousand a month.

It is so possible. Of course it is NOT possible to live like this AND maintain a certain :"LIFE STYLE" that many of us like to refer to as "survival".

It is NOT "survival", it is the gluttony and greed of the 'american dream' rat race that is keeping us not only imprisoned by this 'dream' but also keeping us aligned and allied with the perpetrators, the 1%, those in power who have scattered the sand, concocted the nitemare to keep us all focused on attaining this dream instead of who needs to die and keep dying in order for us to attain this 'dream' & live this way.

Why do we need living rooms for gawd's sake? Except to make our homes bigger, to reassure ourselves we are truly 'american', to have status leading to what we think is self esteem.

Why do all of us need tools we use once a couple of years, or appliances that might sit on our counters until Aunt Mary comes to visit, or clothes that hang above shoes that might have been worn once? Why can't we share our resources?

And why the hell do we, the little people, all believe that there is something wrong with communism? What a propaganda triumph of the rich! And the aspiring to be rich!!!!