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Saturday, December 15, 2012

DISARM the mother fuckers - to be continued

What is it going to take for womyn to rise up and snatch these weapons away from men?

We know exactly who and what is causing terrible violence, death, torture, rape in our country and world. And we know exactly how they are doing it.

So why aren't we stepping up to the plate and disarming these assholes?

And I certainly don't mean just the white men who go off with assault rifles or hand guns or whatever to shoot, kill, maim people around them. Or the 4 or 5 men every day that murder the woman who they claim to love or to have loved.

I mean also the fucking police who use their access to weapons along with their baptized in god-the-father blessedness to kill especially black and brown people every day.

I am talking the military, the mostly young men who allow their desires of heroics and their hardly formed ideals to be misshapen into violence justified by the flag and their god.

The slaughter of innocent, tiny beings in Newtown is horrendously horrific. I weep with and for the mothers and wonder how they will cope, will face the loss of their babies.

And I think of all the mothers in the world whose babies are viciously murdered by weapons manufactured in u.s. factories by u.s. money.

How many mothers in this country and around the world can send their children to school secure in the knowledge their children will come home breathless with stories, and not without breathing because a bomb has fallen on their school, or gun fire has disrupted