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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

no weapons of mass destruction - it's official...

i greeted everyone today with the news: bush just announced there are no weapons of mass destruction in iraq. i made a large sign "no weapons of mass destruction" and held it up at tonite's vigil in little 5 points.
little 5 points is a liberal, leftist part of atlanta so our signs and banner were greeted enthusiastically by many, many folks. a couple of bush supporters did wander by, the most memorable was a very big, young, white male who challenged my sign & statement that bush says there are no weapons of mass destruction in iraq. the young man passing the vigil claims there are! i said bush just told us today there are not. the young man comes back & states of course there are. i asked him, "what, you don't believe your president? do you think he is a liar?" he proceeded to ask loudly 'what about sarinen?' only he said it several times before i helped him out & said 'sarin - "you mean the chemical weapon they used in japan prior to 9/11?" he yells "yeah, that's proof they had weapons of mass destruction - sarin".
so i've heard iraq confused with iran, saudi arabia, afghanistan and even isreal - but never w/japan! go figure