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Friday, March 30, 2012

Womencott Samsung

Watch this video! Come to our "Where in the World is Jeju Island" and SIGN UP!!!!

Womencott Samsung
Because we women of this country value, honor, and pledge to protect the women of Jeju Island and stand with them & their families in their fight against Samsung, who is being paid billions of dollars to destroy this matriarchal society, their families, lands, oceans, countless organic species, eco & biospheres in order to construct a military naval base that will house our U.S. nuclear warheads.
Because Jeju Island is truly one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, endowed with indescribable beauty and many unique ecosystems and her inhabitants, an ancient matriarchal society, an island of women and peace, and is one of the very few places on earth that has no military base.
Because the peaceful, non-violent, unarmed women, children, men of this island have been so very valiantly and courageously fighting U.S. & South Korean imperialism and militarism for five years now, and because they are being viciously attacked by armed police and military, brutally injured and face lengthy imprisonment.
Because Samsung, an integral & profiteering part of this corporate & military attack on the people & this island, is making billions by destroying the people, land, sea, and air while further endangering world peace and participating in the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Until Samsung immediately ceases construction of this naval base, and until Samsung immediately and completely funds reparations to the women and their families in order for them to attempt restoration of the destruction Samsung has already caused, we call for a nation-wide womencott of Samsung and its subsidiaries to include the following:
1)      May 2nd: National day of SMASHING SAMSUNG: gather all your Samsung products and bring to the Korean Consulate. Simulate 4 story concrete caissons smashing thru this pile of products in front of the Korean Consulate.
2)      SAMSUNG FREE ZONE: approach your city council to pass a resolution banning Samsung & subsidiaries products in your town
3)       NO FUNDING MILITARY BASE on Jeju Island: approach your congresspeople to write and co-sponsor a bill withdrawing all U.S. monies from South Korea for this base.
4)      WOMENCOTT SAMSUNG: spend three hours a week at your local electronics store, holding up banners, handing out flyers, encourage potential customers to never buy Samsung, and approaching the store to remove Samsung products from their shelves.
5)      WHERE in the WORLD is JEJU ISLAND? Symposiums, house parties, teach-ins: commit to helping to spread the word by hosting an event of your families, friends, co-workers, allies.
6)      PLEDGE: I pledge to womencott Samsung and its subsidiaries until they totally cease destroying Jeju Island and pay reparations to the people.
INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WOMENCOTT OLYMPICS: The summer Olympics this July in London will give us “golden opportunities” to womencott Samsung if they are still persisting in destroying Jeju Island. Get your passport updated NOW!