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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! For now, I’ve returned from my Joiyssey to participate in the "revolution":I’ve been at many Occupy sites across the country:1st in D.C. Freedom Plaza I faced & challenged racism/white supremacy, sexism/patriarchy, classism, heterosexism & eventually was kicked off the island; then I offered workshops as I drove to CA:“Anti-Racism Geared for White Occupiers”; “NO DRONES” "Successes and Pitfalls of OWS"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Arab and Jew - conversations in Nevada - to be continued

I met, not at the same time, an Arab man from the middle east and a Jewish man from New York on my travels through Nevada yesterday. (I have arrived in Salt Lake City.... but that's another story...)

The short, brown skinned man (who wouldn't tell me his country of origin, only that he has traveled extensively do to his work) was vehement in his belief that "those people" i.e. Hamas, al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, were terrible people who would do anything, including endanger the lives of children, to get into power. He felt the Israeli attack was necessary. He also felt our U.S. troops in Iraq were necessary - both to "protect" the people.

The Jewish man was as vehemently opposed to the Israeli army attacking Gaza, as he was opposed to our troops occupying Iraq.

Schedule for Camp Hope!

I'm finally getting a clearer picture of my route and schedule, which I will post here in case anyone is in these cities or towns and wants to join me!

Tomorrow, Sunday, Jan 11th I intend to be in SLC in the a.m., and Laramie by 6:00pm

Monday a.m. Laramie and then off to Cheyenne

Tuesday - Nebraska

Wednesday - Iowa

Thursday - Chicago

Friday - Cleveland, Pennsylvania, and maybe even D.C.!!!