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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

strike vote - are you crazy?

i understand some folks are calling for us not to vote - to strike.

so what is new about not voting? less than 50% of the eligible u.s. population votes - even though people have suffered and died so some of us would one day have the right to vote.

i think a much more powerful statement and a real protest would be to write in the person you want for prez - even if it's yourself. if thousands/millions of voters vote and do NOT caste a vote for the presidential candidates running, that is a much stronger protest than just joining the millions of u.s. citizens who just can't be bothered to vote or who are truly disenfranchised by racism, sexism, poverty, etc.

on the other hand, voting for cynthia mckinney is yet another viable alternative. personally, i can't fathom a better president for these crucial times.

i believe this ploy to convince people to not vote is idiotic at best, a republican strategy at worst. for obama (and perhaps clinton) is inspiring more voters to turn out than i've ever seen in recent years - and if there is a high voter turn-out, everyone knows that dems are the winners whenever this happens.

and we know that certain republicans will do ANYTHING to 'win' an election.