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Monday, November 28, 2011

Step forward, step back

The Prison Industrial Complex committee is and has been the BEST committee that the Occupy movement in D.C. has - and I have been involved since Oct 5th.

The reason it is the BEST committee is because of the incredible, strong women's leadership both on-line and on-the-ground from Gerri and other women (sorry I don't know everyone's name).

In order for women and men to work together - as for Black people and white people, etc. - it takes a stepping forward and a stepping back: i.e. women must step forward, and men must learn to step back; Blacks must step forward, and whites must learn to step back, etc.

I, for one, have appreciated Gerri and the other women in this committee's willingness to step forward and provide competent, informed, strong leadership.

It also takes a willingness and ability to listen and follow: i.e. men and white women must be able and willing to listen and follow.

Perhaps the men attempting to challenge and negate Gerri's leadership would be willing to re-read Gerri's clarifying questions, explanations, and suggestions to him with a more open mind and willingness to follow.

It is interesting what men perceive as "attack" and how swiftly they launch into the superior mode of "more knowledge & experience" - and seemingly do not consider that an "attack" and blatant use of male power and privilege.

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