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Saturday, May 07, 2005

mother's day - recruiting stations - to be continued

today we began our protests at the recruiting station down-town oakland on broadway. originally i had wanted to protest at the station in eastmont mall - i had gone there last tuesday to scope out the mall & discovered the station had moved two years ago to downtown oakland - the mall was too 'rough' and 'run-down' for them.... hmmmm

one of our cp'ers had made a appointment w/the recruiter for her 'niece' that she was totally worried about - a good girl that was getting into the wrong crowd...

most of us arrived before the appointment with wonderful hot-pink signs and the mother's day banner that read "all we want for mother's day:troops home now". we set up in front of the station & began handing out flyers to passers-by.

when 'aunt jackie' and her 'niece' approached, we attempted to hand them info also - they passed thru into the station w/just the right amount of curiousity and formality to not arouse suspicion of the recruiters.