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Monday, April 16, 2007

War traumatizes EVERYONE!

Front page news today: 70% of Iraq children traumatized by war, study says

How fucked up are we – we need a STUDY to determined children are traumatized by war?

And we find money to take a study – we might as well study if the sun will rise every morning or if there is oxygen in the air over San Francisco, for gawd’s sake.

And then, how come the newspaper feels this is front page news? Not pictures of Iraq dead and devastation toiled by our hand or in our name; not news that Congress has approved an additional $124 billion to escalate war against Iraq; not reports about our presence in front of Speaker Pelosi’s house holding her accountable for escalating war?

It is yet another indication of how sick we are. War fuckin’ traumatizes everyone – with the only exception maybe those making huge profits off war.