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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Recruiter rage - to be continued

Recruiter Rage

Vigiling in front of the recruiting station tonite, we were relieved the rain had stopped & it was damp but not freezing. When I arrived, I was horrified to see several young people inside the recruiting station – we’ve never seen more than one or two – tonite there were at least 4 young people that we could see, all African American, one womon, the rest male.

A 30-something yr old white womon came by, stretching to see around us – we’re standing in the street holding banners & signs – to read the banners. I spoke briefly w/her – she was non-committal but did explain why she was going inside – to check on a friend of hers stationed in Iraq. Nadine rolled her eyes incredulously & pointed “in there? good luck”.

Lots of enthusiastic horn honks tonite, almost a symphony. We wait impatiently for the young people to come out. A recruited comes out, lights a cigarette & gets on his cell phone. Buses and trucks as well as cars keeping driving by honking.

The white woman came out, waved uncomfortably. I asked her about her friend – he’s a officer so she thinks he’s safe. Hmmm. I ask her if he’s in the guard. She says no as she hurries off. Then she returns to find out why I’m wondering that. I told her about our campaign to bring home our California Guard. “oh” she responds, still non-committal, ‘he’s an officer’ she reiterates. Hmmm.

Soon one of the taller young men come to the door to peer out at us. He doesn’t actually open the door but goes back into the bowels of the office and returns to the doorway several times – as if he’s making sure we’re still there.

After several trips, he comes out, followed by a recruiter shepparding another young man with dark chocolate dreadlocks that curled under his ears.