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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I just can't take it anymore - "Clean up" oil??? IMPOSSIBLE

Oil "spill"? PULEEZE - this is yet another oil disaster - coming on the hells of exxon's victory in the u.s. supreme court.

exxon only had to pay 500 million dollars in damages - not the 5 BILLION dollars awarded by the jury and upheld by all the courts up to and not including the supreme court - so they were fined 4 days of their profit for the right to destroy Prince Edward Sound's environment.


And now BP is destroying the Gulf of Mexico, our OCEAN for gawd's sake. And they speak of "helping" clean up oil.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to "clean up" oil. Burning it? Can they be anywhere near serious? Destroy the ocean and, what the hey, might as well destroy the atmosphere at the same time.