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Monday, December 14, 2009

CodePINK Truck Assaulted

Monday, Dec 14th, 2009
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CodePINK Truck Assaulted

According to neighbors on Benvenue Ave in Berkeley, the CodePINK Women for Peace truck was brutally assaulted 1:00 in the morning on Sunday, Dec 13th.

An unidentified white male took what appeared to be a sledge hammer several times to the front windshield, the side and rear view mirrors and frame, and the passenger side window, shattering glass and bending the frame.

CodePINK activists reported they were not surprised by this increase in violence, indicating it corresponds with the increase of violence against Afghanistan and claiming that the violence of war cannot be contained to what they called “U.S. defined ‘war zones’”.

"The increased violence of the U.S. military ‘surge’ against Afghanistan as directed by President Obama, reverberates throughout the planet and this local vandalism is merely a reflection of the vibration of violence entering our everyday life," says CodePINKer Grace Severtson.

CodePINK truck driver Xan Joi reports that this is the greatest amount of violence done to the truck since tires were slashed several times during the very beginning of the occupation against Iraq and in such conservative places as Oregon and Connecticut.

“For every one person who might be intimidated by this act of violence back into the closet of compliance, I hope there are several thousand who are so outraged, they will paint their own vehicles and come out unconditionally for peace and against this surge – so strongly they’ll be willing to occupy an entity of their choice on MLK’s birthday, January 15th, National Occupation Day of Actions Against Funding the Surge Against Afghanistan”.