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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! For now, I’ve returned from my Joiyssey to participate in the "revolution":I’ve been at many Occupy sites across the country:1st in D.C. Freedom Plaza I faced & challenged racism/white supremacy, sexism/patriarchy, classism, heterosexism & eventually was kicked off the island; then I offered workshops as I drove to CA:“Anti-Racism Geared for White Occupiers”; “NO DRONES” "Successes and Pitfalls of OWS"

Monday, January 17, 2005

heading to the counter-inauguration in d.c.!!!!

so i'm off in a few for washington d.c. and the counter-inauguration! can't wait - not just to drive thru georgia, south & north carolina, virginia and into d.c., but also to meet up with fabulous activists who are making a stand for progessive values and against war & bush!
i filled up w/biodiesel yesterday, now i'm heading out to get an oil change, swing by whole foods to stock up on food for the road & joe's coffee house for my decaf soy latte, and then i'll hit the road! it is 20 degrees now in atlanta - after almost 2 weeks of 70 degree weather, things are chilling for sure. d.c. is supposed to be colder - brrrr - don't know if i can shave my head or half my head as i planned. we'll see! peace, sam