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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stories from the Station: We, the foreign invaders

A young man, 28 years old, tells us he has come to the recruiting station to speak with us this morning. He is a pilot, military, flown 6 tours of duties over Iraq – 6 tours before he finally realized the truth. He was bombing innocent civilians, schools, water supplies, the infrastructure of a people devastated by our U.S. invasion.

He says he has two years left where he can be called up any moment. He wants us to know that he is behind what we are doing 1000 per cent. He talks about wishing we would have been there for him, when he was hounded by recruiters, when he thought he was going to defend his country from foreign invaders, when he thought he was liberating a people, spreading democracy and freedom.

He has nightmares about all the people who will never know freedom, democracy or even tyranny – because the bombs he dropped ended their lives.

He claims 22% of pilots have resigned over this invasion. He is determined never to go back to Iraq or any part of the Middle East.

He says he was a very slow learner but now he knows he is the foreign invader.