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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wear the Numbers

I have been able to talk with soooooo many folks because I am wearing the numbers of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and the number of Iraqi's killed.

People ask me unabashedly what the numbers are for? Some ask if I'm running the marathon; others just ask. But I have been able to engage even more people than usual because of the numbers.

I ask people if anything about the numbers look familiar. They study and frown slightly & guess. But not one person has guessed correctly thus far. Everyone who has asked and has found out, has been shocked and horrified; most everyone not knowing how many americans have died, let alone Iraqi's.

The Iraqi number begins with 100,000 but the rest of the numbers are jumbled on top of each other - to symbolize both the great number of casualties constantly changing and because of the fact that we are not bothering to count the Iraqi dead.

Wear the number - support Cindy's call for us all to wear the number. It works! Peace, Sam