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Monday, August 27, 2012


Apparently in this "free" country, we are "free" to chose only the treatment prescribed by the drug-led western medical community, or be charged with child abuse/child neglect.

My daughter is & has been spending every waking moment that she's not working, caring for Jasi or resting (very little of that), scouring the internet, scrabbling over data, seeking out and contacting many, many, many health care providers in her deeply frantic and even more deeply thorough search to inform herself not only about this horrific disease that has attacked her son, but to be even more informed about arresting and curing it.

Her goal? To eliminate LCH as she avidly avoids chemotherapy and steroids.

I have deleted my earlier posts with details of the path she, Jasi, and I have taken along this journey thus far, as UCSF is threatening her with child abuse/neglect and who knows what that means - not just to the adults, but to little Jasi and his recovery.

The "team" at UCSF certainly does NOT have my daughter's best interests in mind, let alone her son's. They are so entrenched in their belief that they are right and they are the ones that know best for my child and her child that they are willing to declare her - the most loving, most hard-working, most conscientious mother in the world - unfit to decide for herself how to treat this disease?

I am ashamed to have taken Jasi to UCSF, to expose him to this power-tripping, drug-pushing institution that is negating and denying his mother's desires. I am furious they are choosing this terrible path. Bastards.