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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Road to recovery

We have learned the docs biopsied several places in Jasi's gums, and also took a bone biopsy along with a back tooth, leaving stitches in two spots.

Dr. Bast, the oral surgeon, has a son 5 years old, who has given us a bag of clothes, toys, and a blanket for Jasi. Dr. Bast thinks the biopsy results will take at least a week, maybe two.

Dr. Thampy from pediatric oncology, says we should have the results Tuesday, maybe Wednesday.

Tessie grabs onto Dr. Bast's time froma and wants us to head for Hawaii tomorrow, to continue healing, begin relaxing, connecting with the Goddess Pele as we wait for the results.

I am reluctant to go, just in case the results come in - but we are not going to rush into anything, whatever the results may say, and Hawaii is an amazing healing place. I put aside my misgivings and follow my daughter's lead as we spend a watchful, quiet day with Jasi, helping him stay calm while his body bounces back.