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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Distance ... to be continued

The longer we stay in Senegal, the more my daughter does not want to discuss with me the options she is considering for Jasi's care, which leaves me trying to silently follow her lead.

(I am not known for my blindly following abilities.)

And which leads me to believe she is seeking options farther and farther away from the "normal" route.

Her fear is palpable, her vulnerability shining through every searching look, every questioning spread - as she talks with these men.

I have to restrain myself and it is tough. I taught my child to be open, to discuss things, to conquer the fear of vulnerability by summoning the strength to take the steps of openness that produce courage.

Or at least I thought I taught her that.

Not that I know the answers, not that I want to even begin to take on that responsibility and make the decisions that will impact both his and her life from this moment on.

But I do want to be informed, and I do want my informed opinion to count. She is not seeking my opinion.

Instead she is seeking the opinion of people I can barely tolerate, let alone admire. A man who has moved from the U.S. to Senegal to set up a life that emulates the white plantation owner; a man who has four wives and 7 times as many children, to mention a couple.