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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! For now, I’ve returned from my Joiyssey to participate in the "revolution":I’ve been at many Occupy sites across the country:1st in D.C. Freedom Plaza I faced & challenged racism/white supremacy, sexism/patriarchy, classism, heterosexism & eventually was kicked off the island; then I offered workshops as I drove to CA:“Anti-Racism Geared for White Occupiers”; “NO DRONES” "Successes and Pitfalls of OWS"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We will oppose Obama as long as he supports war

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Acapulco morning

4 new solar batteries

6 new solar batteries in their holder, 6 new solar batteries! Take two down, pass it around, 4 new solar batteries left in the holder!

I am surprised when I head to 100% Natural 6a.m. this morning to use their bathroom and internet, to see the police still haven’t showed up! They weren’t here last nite when I returned from the beach about 10pm, either.

I wonder if they are moving to another block. They have told me that they stake out certain blocks for a month or so, and then they get orders to move on. They report there’s never any trouble, it's tranquil in Acapulco.

I hurry to do email, post to my blog, eat my fruit and return to the truck by 9am so I can move her into full sun.

Approaching my truck, I see the police have returned and are parked almost opposite my truck, as usual.

What I see next is a familiar brown board laying on the ground behind the truck. It is the board that holds my batteries in place. I look beyond the board and see an empty, blank space where two of my batteries were.

Gone. Stolen. 

Wires cut. Wires missing, along with the batteries.

I can’t believe it. I didn’t have them 14 hours. I sit on the curb so quickly, the police come running over and ask me if I’m alright. I can only point.

The most ridiculous thing is that they will not be able to sell these batteries – except to either me or Guillermo.  You can’t use them on a regular card – they’re fuckin’ solar batteries. grrrrr