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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Peace Rains/Reigns in Berkeley!!!

What an amazingly inspiring and powerful week to END WAR NOW we are having!

We began with our 24-Hour Emergency Peace-IN Monday night, where 15 hot pink tents with at least 2 peace-niks in each stood throughout the night (and thru the whole action)! At least 3 campers also lined the street, and 10 or so (young) folks stayed up the whole nite making banners, signs, and posters for the onslaught of pro-war forces.

Although apprehension mounted slowly as 5:00am drew closer, we were determined to stand behind our council and protect our city from the pro-war attack. As 5:00am came and passed without a huge influx - maybe 10-20 of 'them' and over 50 of us - we remained vigilant yet relieved.

Even at the height of their influx, there were 150 maybe 200 of them. We had SOOOOOOOO many Berkeleyans standing for peace. And especially the youth! Never again can it be said that the youth are missing from the anti-war movement - cause they've be FOUND! Here in Berkeley.

And the youth certainly shined deep from their roots, living up to those Berkeley roots, and did all of us proud!

Our courageous Council refused to back-down despite the attack of pro-war forces!!! The motion to apologize to the Marines and the motion to rescind the letter were slapped down.

The motion to stand tall against war in Iraq and against recruiting our youth to be fodder in that war passed 7-2.