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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! For now, I’ve returned from my Joiyssey to participate in the "revolution":I’ve been at many Occupy sites across the country:1st in D.C. Freedom Plaza I faced & challenged racism/white supremacy, sexism/patriarchy, classism, heterosexism & eventually was kicked off the island; then I offered workshops as I drove to CA:“Anti-Racism Geared for White Occupiers”; “NO DRONES” "Successes and Pitfalls of OWS"

Saturday, October 06, 2012

The "D" theme

I've been released as only a child can release her mother, so I am getting ready to hit the road again.

I repainted the back of my truck - hopefully it will be clear. I will still do anti-racism workshops, NO DRONES workshops, and Where in the World is Jeju Island workshops.

And what about the Tar Sands protests? Maybe I'll head there!

In case you can't read it: DECOLONIZE: u.s.a., world, ur being; DISARM: police, military, all men; DESTROY: Military/Prison Industrial Complex, Wall Street, Amerikan Dream/Nitemare...