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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Women say
Mother’s Day Month
We end war

Code PINK is putting out the call for women who are willing & able to put their “normal, every-day” lives on hold for a month, to come to D.C. for Mother’s Day 24-hour vigil kick-off, and stay for as much of the MONTH as possible; to not let Congress rest until they vote NO MORE WAR!

The only thing we ask is for women to SERIOUSLY consider going to D.C. - not to just respond negatively quickly. We want women to ask ourselves the question: "Do I think 100,000 women going to D.C., surrounding Congress, and not letting them rest until they vote NO MORE WAR - do I think such an action will end this war?"

Before you answer, we want women to think about the show of democracy in action that just happened & is happening over the immigration bill; and ask ourselves can we women too heed Julia Ward Howe's example, inspire democracy in action, & help lead our government, our nation, ourselves into peace?

Before you answer, we also want us to think about our government's blatant intent to go to war against Iran. Not one of us will be shocked when we begin bombing Iran. But we will all be in anguish if we allow this to happen without doing something huge & now to stop it.

And one more thing to think about – this is not pleasant or fun or nice for any of us (least of all for Iraqi’s), but is it not the time we put aside our ‘normal’ daily lives, our ‘life as usual’, in a much bigger way in order to work to end war this year? Alice Paul, one of our suffragist foremothers told women stay home next year – this year, she said, work instead for the right to vote.

If women think no, we cannot end war by joining masses of women in D.C. for Mother's Day MONTH, then there really is no reason to go to D.C.; but if women think YES this would work to end war, then there's all the reason in the world to find a way to make it to D.C. Just go to and sign up! Together we will work it out!

If you will be one of those women, and/or if you are willing to help us find those women who do believe in this action (or at least give as many women as possible the opportunity to consider it!) & hook them up with us, that would be AWESOME! Call 510-524-2776 or email

Our goal is to get a minimum of 100 women from every peace community committed to going for at least one week - that is our goal!

In pink peace, power, protest, participation,

The BASTA! Team