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Friday, June 02, 2006

we, the germans... are too busy, too poor, too... to end war

Two weeks ago, when we went to the hearings on Iran, I sat shocked, hearing the same rhetoric, the same obnoxious reasoning, the same plans & actions spelled out. I screamed deja vous.

Today I scream deja vous on the expedited fast track – the headlines yesterday 6 nations join the u.s. in presenting Iran w/a proposal; minutes later, Rice tells Iran they must hurry to respond.

What are we doing? Its like Iraq was the practice run. Before that bombing started, we could all convince ourselves that it wasn’t REALLY going to happen. I remember cp’ers who were in Iraq a week before the bombing started reported that Iraqis too did not believe the U.S. was REALLY going to bomb their country.

Now we are repeating the same steps: the setting Iran up as terrorists who are threatening U.S. security by seeking nuclear weapons; pretending to go thru the steps of getting UN sanctions/support; jumping to portraying Iran as uncooperative, secretive, having something to hide.

The only thing we need now is a 9/11 attack to complete the scenery.

After I leave D.C., I am thinking I will travel across the country asking ordinary citizens “what will it take for you to stop your lives in order to work to end this war & prevent the war against Iran and/or Korea – or whatever?”

I want to document where u.s. americans are at so that future generations will be able to see. One of the enigmas of my adult life has been trying to understand how germans allowed hitler to come to power. All the many opportunities that germans had to stop him, to interpret events in their country w/a liberal view point instead of a fascist point of view. All the times not just germans but Europeans, the whole world, when there were chances to intervene, to do things differently.

And here, in this country, during this time, are we the germans? Did the germans say “oh I’d demonstrate this week but I have to take my son to soccer practice” or “I have to go to work” or “I have to study” or “I have my own life that doesn’t allow time for protesting this week”

Did germans say they were “too busy, too poor, too committed to their husbands, their lives, their children, their life-styles, to prevent war or to end war?”

Will it be too late for us too, by the time we decide to practice our democracy & get out into the street until this war is over & the next one prevented? I fear we will suffer immense loss of life in the near future.